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Big Benefits of Updating Your Public Restroom

It’s amazing how attention to detail translates into trust for a brand, a company, or a destination. Companies spend millions of dollars improving the experience of their customers and guests. No detail is too small. Color psychology is used to select the perfect paint color. There are even websites and apps dedicated to ranking public […]

Excel dryer hand dryer is the first hand dryer manufacturer to publish independently-verified Health Product Declarations for the Xlerator, Xleratoreco and ThinAir

In Another First, Excel Dryer Publishes Health Product Declarations

As concern for environmental sustainability continues to grow, buyers and specifiers want to select a hand dryer that addresses this issue while delivering on performance. Excel Dryer is the first in the industry to publish Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for three of our hand dryers— the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer, the XLERATOReco® […]

Combat Hand Dryer Germs with a Hand Dryer

Blowing Away Myths About Hand Dryers and Germs

In a highly trafficked area like a restroom, it’s inevitable that germs are lurking to some extent on the door handles, faucets, and, of course, the toilets. To keep your experience as germ-free as possible, you want to get in and out quickly and with little contamination. Hand dryers allow users to fully dry their […]

Longmeadow High bathrooms feature XLERATORs

Keeping Your Restroom Clean and Quiet

Quiet Hand Dryers for Your Clean Restroom Cleanliness and quiet. These words may sound unrelated and easily attainable but in today’s restrooms, the two are often at odds. We know the many ways hand dryers assist in keeping a restroom clean and tidy: a hand dryer negates the use of paper towels (meaning they won’t […]

Hand dryers in Schools

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Schools?

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Schools? In other words, what are the top benefits hand dryers in schools provide? Reduce school operational costs by eliminating paper towel consumption and reducing the amount of labor needed to maintain school bathrooms Cleaner restrooms by eliminating paper towels on the restroom floor Carbon footprint reduction Meet […]