ADA Hand Dryer Solutions for Your Restroom

Options that Dry and Comply.

ADA guidelines state that fixtures mounted above 27″ must not protrude more than 4″ from the wall.

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Ensuring ADA Compliance with Hand Dryers

ADA compliance is a hot topic today. Creating physical locations that are designed to provide an equal experience to every guest regardless of physical limitations is not a new concept. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created in the 1990s to prevent discrimination and ensure all Americans could access public spaces without difficulty.

The ADA had a major impact on architects, forcing them to adapt their designs to meet rigorous criteria. This includes:

  • Ample space so that a single wheelchair is able to rotate 180º
  • 60-inch width minimum toilet, with the seat falling between 17-19 inches from the toilet base
  • Smooth, easy-to-hold grab bars installed along bathroom walls, especially near toilets
  • Sinks or countertop no more than 34 inches high, with space beneath for acceptable knee clearance
  • Faucets must be workable with only one hand
  • Hand dryers should be motion-activated and shouldn’t extend more than 4 inches from the wall

Architects have risen to the challenge, designing bathrooms that are both functional and attractive. Selecting a hand dryer is often the final piece of the puzzle – finding a model that fits the ADA criteria and is well-designed can be challenging, but Excel Dryer is up to the task.

ADA Hand Dryers


ADA-Compliant Hand Dryer Solutions

We’re committed to helping you meet your ADA compliance needs, as well as your design needs using innovative technology. We help you stay compliant with ADA guidelines through innovative technology. We developed the  ADA-compliant recess kit for hand dryers and created our XChanger kit® for retrofitting paper towel dispensers to the XLERATOR®. Next, we developed the ThinAir® hand dryer, our ADA-compliant, surface-mounted hand dryer. ThinAir meets the 4” ADA protrusion guidelines.

  • ADA-Compliant Recess Kit: The Recess Kit adheres to the 4” protrusion ADA guidelines in a restroom walkway and helps keep water off of the wall and floor. The kit sits back in the wall and houses the XLERATOR, which is motion-activated for easy, sanitary drying.
  • XChanger Kit: The XChanger Combo Kit allows a simple and complete transition from paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles to a high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer. A panel is installed over the space left by a former paper towel dispenser, allowing for the placement of an XLERATOR Hand Dryer. The panel will not cause damage to the existing wall surface and the XChanger Combo Kit also helps keep water off of the wall and floor, ensuring safety for all guests.
  • ThinAir Hand Dryer: The ThinAir high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer model is surface mounted and ADA compliant. It dries hands quickly, in 14 seconds*, using 950 watts or less, and features a slimmer profile to meet 4-inch protrusion ADA compliance standards. ThinAir comes in White Polymer or Brushed Stainless Steel, ensuring architects and designers can create beautiful, yet compliant, restrooms.
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ADA Hand Dryer FAQs

What makes a hand dryer ADA compliant? In order for a hand dryer to be ADA compliant, the hand dryer must be motion-activated and should not protrude more than 4 inches from the wall.

What is the ADA height for a hand dryer?   To be ADA compliant, all buttons and touch-free sensors on the hand dryer must fall between a height of 38 inches to 48 inches off the floor.

What ADA hand dryer is best?   The ThinAir surface-mounted hand dryer is an outstanding ADA hand dryer choice providing a quick 14 second dry time for high traffic bathrooms.

Recess Kit

Makes XLERATOR and XLERATOReco meet the ADA protrusion requirement of four inches. Also helps keep water off the walls and floor.

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XChanger Combo Kit

Allows you to completely retrofit your paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle with the XLERATOR.

The XChanger Combo Kit is easily installed over the space left behind by the paper towel dispenser and will not cause damage to the existing wall surface. The XLERATOR and ADA-Compliant Recess Kit then easily installs into the XChanger Combo Kit leaving a clean, finished look to the restroom.

The XChanger Combo Kit is also available in an ADA height compliant version, allowing full access for users in wheelchairs.

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ThinAir Hand Dryer

The ThinAir Hand Dryer is where restroom efficiency meets restroom accessibility. It dries hands in 14 seconds*, uses as low as 300 watts and is surface-mounted to meet 4” ADA compliance standards. ThinAir features adjustable speed, sound and heat controls as well as a washable pre-filter.

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