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We help you comply with ADA guidelines through innovative technology. We developed the first ADA-compliant recess kit for hand dryers and created our XChanger kit for retrofitting paper towel dispensers to the XLERATOR®. Next, we developed ThinAir®, our surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer. ThinAir meets the 4” ADA protrusion guidelines and is an ideal solution for any restroom environment. 



ADA-Compliant Recess Kit: Adheres to the 4” protrusion ADA guidelines in a restroom walkway and helps keep water off of the wall and floor.

XChanger® Kit: Allows a simple and complete transformation from paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles to a high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer. A panel is easily installed over the space left by a former paper towel dispenser and will not cause damage to the existing wall surface. The kit also helps keep water off of the wall and floor.

ThinAir Hand Dryer: The ThinAir high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer model is surface mounted and ADA compliant. It dries hands in 14 seconds* using 950 watts or less, with a slimmer profile to meet ADA compliance standards.

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Case Studies

thinair at lowell sabis school
Lowell Sabis School

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn Bowl

Grand Central Terminal

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See how you can achieve 95% cost savings and 70% carbon footprint reduction by getting rid of paper towels and switching to our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers.

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