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The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has established a global rating system that assesses the performance of a building in terms of their health, sustainability, and well-being.

Works with WELL helps manufacturers like Excel Dryer validate and showcase products to align with the WELL Building Standard to help specifiers achieve WELL Certification goals.  

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A Product of Our Environment

Excel Dryer has a renewed commitment to transparency with updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) on our full product line of hand dryers including the XLERATORsync®, XLERATOR®/XLERATOReco®, and ThinAir® hand dryers.  

Certified Environmental Product Declaration for Hand Dryers

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Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA method examines a broad range of environmental impacts at all stages of a product life cycle, from “cradle-to-grave”, including all material, energy, water, and pollutant inputs and outputs.  The comparative portion of the study compared all four Excel hand dryers to paper towels that had either 0% or 100% recycled content.

All impacts were greater with paper towels.  The global warming potential of hand dryers was 83% less than the 0% recycled content paper towels and 81% less than the 100% recycled content paper towels.  

The importance of decarbonizing the buildings sector is widely recognized now and to achieve the Paris Agreement goals, the global buildings and construction sector must achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and all new buildings must be net-zero carbon starting in 2023.  Excel dryers can provide the building sector a better solution through the dryer’s high energy efficiency, low maintenance needs and electrification of hand drying.  

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Green Certifications

We are committed to helping facilities around the world save time, money and the environment through the use of the most hygienic hand dryer solutions available

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Sustainability FAQs

How sustainable and environmentally friendly are hand dryers? Not all hand dryers are created equal. To understand if a hand dryer is environmentally friendly, check to see if it has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. This is a way of assessing the impact a product will have on the environment through the study of its energy consumption during production, usage, and disposal. The first hand dryer manufacturer to publish verified, third party EPDs was Excel Dryer. Because paper towels generate a lot of carbon emissions and waste, hand dryers are a significantly more sustainable, “greener” option. High-speed hand dryers that use room temperature air, like the XLERATOReco, are the most energy-efficient and produce the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions. An added bonus, Excel Dryer’s high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers qualify for the most LEED v4 credits of any hand dryer on the market.

Why are hand dryers better than paper towels? Hand dryers provide dramatic cost savings over paper towels over time. While hand dryers require the upfront investment of purchasing the unit, paper towels must be purchased often and in bulk. Paper towels also drive up restroom management costs, requiring maintenance staff to refill paper towel dispensers and clean up paper towels left on floors, in the toilet, or in other inappropriate areas. Plus, paper towels are less sustainable for the environment. Determine your potential cost savings and cost of hand dryers with our calculator.

Why does my XL-ECO not have any heat? It is designed this way. The reason the XL-ECO dryer is very economical to run is because it has no heating element and only draws 4.3 Amps at 120V and 2.1 Amps at 220V. This allows for the installation of multiple dryers on one 20 Amp circuit breaker.

Can I put a heating element into an XLERATOReco hand dryer?   No, a heating element cannot be added to the XLERATOReco hand dryer. The XLERATOReco dryer is tested by UL to a different standard than our standard XLERATOR. Modifying the heating element in any way will void the warranty and UL listing of your XLERATOReco.

What is the most environmentally friendly way to dry hands?   In order to achieve the lowest environmental impact, experts recommend using high-speed hand dryers. As the name indicates, high-speed hand dryers dry faster, which saves energy, and emit less than 40 grams of carbon dioxide, contrary to paper towel drying which averages higher than 57 grams of carbon monoxide.