How Energy Efficient Hand Dryers Lead To Sustainability

How energy efficient hand dryers lead to sustainability

Going green is no longer an advantage for companies; it’s now seen as the norm as more and more consumers look for eco-friendly products and facilities. There are a number of reasons why implementing sustainable products and processes can benefit a company. It could be to attract those consumers, to save on energy costs, to reduce waste…Whatever the reason, reducing your carbon footprint will only benefit you in the long run – not to mention help saving the planet we all live on!

One easy and affordable strategy to reduce your carbon footprint is to install energy efficient hand dryers in your restrooms.

Most Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

There are some factors to look for when trying to choose the most energy efficient hand dryers for your restroom. Some certifications that validate a hand dryer can include:

  • BuildingGreen Approved
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) Certification
  • Greener Product Certified

Other factors to look for when choosing a sustainable hand dryer include dry time and speed, energy usage, and heat usage. Ideally, facilities should look to install hand dryers that dry hands in 10 seconds or less while using as little energy and heat as possible. 

Low Energy Hand Dryers Vs. Traditional Hand Dryers:

A common misconception is that all hand dryers are made equal. Would you say the same about cars and computers? Of course not! Just like cars and computers, hand dryers have evolved over the years as technology has improved. These newer energy efficient hand dryers not only dry your hands faster, but at a fraction of the cost and energy usage. 

The XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® Hand Dryers, for example, uses 80% less energy compared to traditional hand dryers! 

Energy Efficient Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

The biggest debate in our industry is whether to use hand dryers or paper towels in restrooms. While both sides have their arguments, one thing simply cannot be debated: hand dryers result in less waste compared to paper towels. 

Millions of paper towels are used once and disposed of every single day. That also means that more trees have to be cut down every single day in order to produce the huge supply our world demands. However, energy efficient hand dryers eliminate that demand of paper towels, resulting in less deforestation. Not to mention greatly reducing the amount of waste a facility creates. Contrary to popular belief, used paper towels cannot be recycled. They must be collected and transported to a waste management facility or landfill (which results in increased labor and cost). 

Energy efficient hand dryers average 95% cost savings compared to paper towels while greatly reducing a facility’s carbon footprint.

Excel Dryer is committed to not only providing the highest quality hand dryers on the market, but also strives to produce sustainable hand dryers. We pride ourselves on innovative, state-of-the-art technology that is continually improving so we can provide the best products to our customers. Learn how your facility can go green, save money, and provide a better overall experience for your customers and employees.