In Another First, Excel Dryer Publishes Health Product Declarations

As concern for environmental sustainability continues to grow, buyers and specifiers want to select a hand dryer that addresses this issue while delivering on performance. Excel Dryer is the first in the industry to publish Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for three of our hand dryers the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer, the XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer and the ThinAir® Hand Dryer

But what are HPDs and why are they important? Publishing an HPD is more than getting a technical document or fancy badge to add to your website. They’re an industry-recognized verification that signals to buyers, architects, and even end-users that you’re serious about the health and environmental impact of your building materials.

What are Health Product Declarations?

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) were developed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), a non-profit organization of members who each “share a common purpose to improve the transparency of information and the material health of the built environment.” In short, it is a standardized format for the unbiased, transparent disclosure of building product ingredients and associated hazards. The HPDC developed these strict regulations to record and report on a building’s physical components and how these products affect health. HPDs make it easier for architects and building proprietors to fully assess these materials, and determine how they will alter the internal environment of construction and the people who will interact with it.

All three HPDs published for our hand dryers were developed by instructions set forth by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) and were thoroughly reviewed and verified by an independent agency prior to their publication.

Why is this important?

So you might be thinking that this sounds all well and good, but how does this really affect my construction or business? Well, it assists the specifier in understanding the overall health effects of the materials used in your building on occupants and the environment will always be important. Anytime you’re choosing the eco-friendly or health-conscious item, you’re generally making a wise decision. 

Buildings account for nearly 40% of CO2 emissions. By choosing products – such as hand dryers – that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, you can radically decrease your operating costs, increase the value of your property, and lower maintenance costs. HPDs are a tool that helps buyers and specifiers understand the environmental and health impacts of a product’s materials, so they can make more informed product selections. 

Health Product Declaration credibility.

The truth of the matter is, more materials manufacturers should be publishing health product declarations for their products. These disclosures are widely recognized – especially among architects – by those who are concerned with LEED certification and general environmental impacts. In addition, they’re also a great source of information as it pertains to “hazard” ingredients. An HPD details any potential concerns of chemicals in products by comparing them to a list put forth by scientific and government authorities. Lastly, HPDs are unbiased disclosures, so you can be sure that the information you’re receiving is honest and transparent.

Excel Dryer’s series of firsts.

Our ongoing commitment to providing those buyers and specifiers with manufacturing transparency is demonstrated by our series of industry firsts:

  • We were the first to identify the need to protect buyers and specifiers from “greenwashing”—the false and misleading claims of sustainability made by knockoff products and manufacturers.
  • We were asked to chair a UL Environment committee to create Product Category Rules (PCRs) through industry consensus establishing parameters for performance and environmental-impact testing.
  • We were the first to publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that offer specifiers and buyers the chance to evaluate the environmental impacts of hand dryers fairly and based on real data, not marketing speak.

And now we’re the first to publish Health Product declarations for our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers. However you look at health and sustainability, it’s clear to see that Excel Dryer is the industry pioneer in manufacturing transparency. See how we can help your restroom environment.