What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Schools?

Hand dryers in Schools

What Are The Best Hand Dryers For Schools?

In other words, what are the top benefits hand dryers in schools provide?

  • Reduce school operational costs by eliminating paper towel consumption and reducing the amount of labor needed to maintain school bathrooms
  • Cleaner restrooms by eliminating paper towels on the restroom floor
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Meet ADA compliance with the ThinAir® Hand Dryer 
  • Provide a hygienic bathroom hand dryer solution for schools

Hand Dryers In Schools Save Money

Purchasing hand dryers for schools is an investment. Like any investment, the goal is to either make or save money over a period of time. So, how do electric hand dryers do that?

First, hand dryers in schools eliminate or greatly reduce the need of paper towels. Depending on the number of people – including students, faculty, and other staff – a school can run through countless rolls of paper towels daily. 

Typical Savings for Schools with Hand Dryers

Paper towels are a one-use product, meaning you buy them, use them once, and dispose of them. That’s not a sound strategy if you’re looking to save money. What happens when you run out of paper towels? That’s right; you have to buy more!

We’ve all seen the overflowing garbage bins in school restrooms. What we don’t see, however, is the employee(s) who empties that bin out every night, replaces the garbage bag, and brings the trash wherever it needs to go. That’s just for one restroom. Think about the number of restrooms in a single school building (multiple student restrooms, faculty restrooms, locker rooms, etc.).

Hand dryers in schools save thousands of dollars per year in paper towel expenses, as well as maintenance time and costs. On average, schools see about 500 paper towel usages daily. If using a hand dryer, this could save schools over $7,000 per year!

Hand Dryers In Schools Are More Eco-Friendly

Yes, we’ve talked about the monetary cost of all those paper towels being used once and disposed of. But what about the cost to the environment? As we know, paper towels don’t magically appear in school restrooms. Trees are cut down and put through a rigorous manufacturing process to create paper towels. Hand dryers help reduce the number of trees chopped down by eliminating or reducing the need for paper towels. Hand Dryers save school money

Remember the employee who empties the trash every night? Well, those used paper towels don’t simply disappear. They are most often brought to landfills and dumps – many people think that the paper towels are recycled. While almost all schools use recycled paper towels (recycled from other paper products), the recycled paper towels cannot be recycled again and go straight to the landfill. Hand dryers greatly impact that waste reduction.

Rather than simply believe us, see what actual schools and universities had to say after implementing Excel hand dryers.

Longmeadow High School

About 1,200 people (students, faculty, support staff) enter Longmeadow High School every day. In the past, the school spent nearly $10,000 on paper towels every year. Now? The XLERATOR costs less than $400 per year. The XLERATOR can be found throughout the school, including restrooms, art rooms, science labs, and more. Just another example of how hand dryers in schools can save money.

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Reading University

Reading University, home to 17,000 students and nearly 4,000 staff members, set out a goal to reduce its carbon footprint. Its team researched various ways to reduce energy usage and cut down on waste among other tactics. That research led to choosing the XLERATOReco hand dryer, which uses 88 percent less energy than the conventional hand dryers they were using.

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Sacramento Unified School District

Energy savings and cost savings are great benefits. The Sacramento Unified School District raved about another benefit from installing hand dryers in its two busiest bathrooms: how easy they are to clean now without paper towels everywhere. However, the school district did have one question about installing hand dryers in schools:

“Can you send more?”

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Cal-State Northridge

Southern California is one of the most environmentally conscientious areas in the country. The region has taken an initiative to reduce energy and waste while conserving water. Cal-State Northridge, a prestigious university in the region, is no different. Student Union bathrooms at CSUN were responsible for generating more than 6 tons of paper towel waste every year. The XLERATOR hand dryer eliminated that waste, as well as the $21,000 annual cost of paper towels.

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Niles Township School District

The Niles Township School District used paper towels and traditional hand dryers in its restrooms. That resulted in four hours of clean-up per day, which ended up costing the district $16,500 for restroom maintenance over the course of a year. The paper towels cost $12,500 per year and the traditional hand dryers took more than 30 seconds to dry hands. The XLERATOR hand dryer eliminated the extra restroom maintenance and paper towels cost, while also reducing energy use due to its 8-second dry time.

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Uşak Kanyon College

This college, located in Turkey, aims to teach its students the importance of eco-friendly practices. By installing XLERATOR hand dryers throughout campus, Uşak Kanyon College practiced what it preaches by reducing its carbon footprint, reducing waste, and reducing energy. Not to mention the 97 percent cost savings…

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