The Sacramento City Unified School District Scores Straight A’s with the Installation of High-Speed, Energy-Efficient Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryers

“The high-speed, energy-efficient Green Apple XLERATOR Hand Dryers are helping to reduce our operational costs by lowering our paper towel consumption and reducing the amount of labor needed to maintain our facilities.” said Kent Jones, District Facilities, Operations Specialist

A customized cost-savings analysis revealed that XLERATOR could save Sac High almost $17,000.00 annually – a 97.96 percent savings versus paper towels – and eliminate 5,587 pounds of paper towel waste a year. Energy efficiency statistics generated from testing the XLERATOR hand dryer against paper towels support a compelling argument to adopt Excel Dryer’s technology. Drying hands with paper towels uses an average of 743 kilojoules per use, while an XLERATOR uses just 76 kilojoules per use.

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