In Charge of a Restroom? We Speak Your Language

XLERATOR hand dryer with San Martin Cantina brandingThe washroom. The lavatory. The loo. Or our favorite, the necessary room. Across oceans and borders, countries and cultures, no one is unfamiliar with the necessity of the public restroom—and that fact (among others) is what makes our work universally important.

“In terms of where our hand dryers are found, they’re basically on all continents except for Antarctica,” says Brian Wolf, our international business development manager for most of those continents. “From gas stations and fast food joints to the airports to the schools, I think we’re everywhere.”

Excel Dryer partners with over 50 hand dryer distributors worldwide, and we know what matters to your business and industry. Here, we explore the many ways we deliver what you seek.  

A Cost-Effective Solution

Every maintenance decision has the power to affect a facility’s bottom line, which makes long-term impact an important consideration. The fact is, sometimes, an option that seems economical at the start quickly proves to be just the opposite. A prime example? Paper towels in the restroom—especially as the only drying method available.

There’s no question that, side by side, the average cost of a few packages of paper towels is less than a motorized piece of equipment. But of the two options, which one:

  • Needs constant restocking, which means an endless cycle of repurchasing? 
  • Causes messes that demand daily, time-consuming cleanup? 
  • Can, and often does, clog toilets, requiring service calls?
  • Results in tons of waste every day? 

Paper towels are an ongoing (and rising) expense. It’s no wonder facilities that switch to XLERATOR hand dryers, or any of our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers see a return on their investment in as little as one year (try our cost calculator to see your own potential savings). Many of our international customers order dozens of units at a time for multiple restrooms across facilities, a cost-effective strategy in and of itself. 

A Sustainable Choice

Map of World where XLERATOR hand dryers are usedAccording to a recent survey by research firm MetrixLab, key facility stakeholders—including architects, facility managers, and restaurant owners/operators—in both the U.S. and Europe largely believe touchless hand dryers are more sustainable than paper towels. And, according to study after study (including a life cycle assessment of our own products), their collective belief is also proven true. 

Where environmental concern is a priority, there’s simply no debate: electric hand dryers are the more responsible hand drying option. The amount of energy consumed in the sourcing, transportation, production, and disposal of paper towels—including those made from 100% recycled fibers—far outweighs what dryers in our energy-efficient product line use. Our ultra-green, no-heat XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer needs just 500 watts, which is the lowest in the market for a powerful dryer like ours, producing minimal carbon dioxide emissions while drying hands effectively and fast.

A Well-Built Product

Excel Dryer has been manufacturing hand dryers for more than 50 years. Our global reach stems from a singular facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA, where our dedicated team innovates, designs, and builds all of our products. Hand dryers are all we do, and we actively work to ensure their superior quality. 

To help address market confusion and ensure fair comparisons, it’s crucial to establish consistent evaluation standards for products. That’s why we took the lead in developing Product Category Rules (PCRs) for hand dryers, internationally recognized guidelines that provide the specifying community and buyers with a transparent and informed decision-making process. 

Excel XLERATOR hand dryers are in-use world-wide.“Companies that don’t have a PCR can say their product is the best, but there isn’t a way to prove it,” explains Sybil Jandette, Excel Dryer’s business development manager for Latin America & the Caribbean. “For example, we have proven XLERATOR dries your hands in 8 seconds. Others can say they dry in 10 seconds, but there isn’t proof of that, and in reality, those dryers may take 30 seconds or more.” 

The availability of a PCR can help buyers recognize true quality and hopefully avoid the pitfalls of choosing an imitation (or worse, counterfeit) product—an often regrettable choice, in our team’s experience. “We are up against knockoff products that look virtually identical to ours,” Brian notes. “Whether or not they deliver on performance is unknown, but most of them do not.” 

Cheaply built hand dryers may require a constant unblocking of auto sensors and repair or replacement of heater coils or motors, which can become a maintenance nightmare—or cause total failure. All dryers in the Excel Dryer product line are designed to stand up to high usage and, with a less than 1% failure rate, are virtually maintenance-free. Further, Excel Dryer holds the patent for the motor in all our hand dryers and offers an industry-leading, 7-year warranty on XLERATOR. 

“When customers go with another hand dryer that is cheaper, after one to two years, they are coming back to us and buying our product,” Sybil says. “Unhappy customers of cheaper products come to us a lot as they understand that we offer a quality product and service.”

An Aesthetic Display

“Keeps the restroom cleaner” and “looks good in bathrooms.” In a recent MetrixLab survey, these are the top two reasons stakeholders in our European markets cited for choosing hand dryers over paper towels—and it’s really no surprise. In addition to eliminating messes that paper towels inevitably cause, our world-renowned hand dryers add stylish, modern appeal to any restroom environment. 

Excel Dryer has unique customized dryer options to help this necessary corner of your facility align with your brand identity. We offer the most dryer cover finishes in the industry, as well as exclusive digital image technology to create custom covers with graphics, colors, logos, or a sustainability message. This new technology has been adopted by celebrated brands and organizations, including Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Tim Hortons, and Subway, to name a few. The zinc die-cast models can also be painted with a custom color powder coat with many RAL paint colors to choose from, and stainless steel covers can be customized with any hi-res digital image.

A Hygienic Offering 

Nearly four years after the start of the pandemic, collective awareness around public health and infection control remains duly heightened worldwide. In response, we’ve followed our mantra: continuous improvement and leading through innovation.

Hands-under design, sensor-activated operation, and availability of optional HEPA filtration have always made XLERATOR and XLERATOReco hygienic hand drying solutions. Recently, we upgraded our HEPA filtration system to use electrostatic HEPA media. Like our previous HEPA filter, the electrostatic version is proven to remove 99.999% of viruses and 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns* from the airstream; the difference lies in how it works. The new system’s “supercharged” media (electrostatically charged polypropylene microfiber) attracts microscopic particles as they move through the dryer, eliminating them. 

Allowing for greater airflow with no loss of purifying power, electrostatic HEPA filtration is now available with XLERATOR, XLERATOReco and, most recently, our space-saving, surface-mounted ADA-compliant ThinAir® Hand Dryer.

Dedicated Support

Because we want you to understand and enjoy your investment, you won’t find a more service-oriented team than ours. We ensure our distributors are ready with the knowledge, time, and information you need in a variety of helpful formats, from infographics and videos to a good old-fashioned phone call at your convenience.  

It’s the kind of dedication we gather, born of relentless enthusiasm for a singular specialty.

“I’ve had conversations with people who used to be a distributor for a larger company, and they don’t want to anymore because they really were not getting any support from the brand,” Sybil says. “The hand dryer is not really the market or the category that the company profits from, so I think probably they are not really putting a lot of attention there. We are offering this support and this effort as a team. That’s how you achieve a good experience for the end user.”

Excel Dryer is committed to building and delivering the finest hand-drying solutions on Earth—from right here in our corner of it. Contact us to learn more.