Feel the Power of ART! Teens at Artists for Humanity Create Works of Art from Hand Dryers

Hand dryers and wall guards customized with artwork created by teens at Artists for Humanity.You’ve never seen an art installation like this before.

Artists For Humanity (AFH), whose 23,500-square-foot Epicenter is Boston’s first LEED Platinum certified building, has combined its commitment to sustainability with its dedication to art and design—and ensured neither stops outside the restroom doors.

When Excel Dryer learned about the amazing work AFH was doing, we saw a unique opportunity to collaborate with the organization’s high school  artists to create custom covers for the XLERATOR® Hand Dryers and XChanger® Combo Kits in the facility’s restrooms.

“People see them, and they look almost like cool sculptural pieces, but you can still tell they are hand dryers—just the coolest hand dryers you’ve ever seen,” said Rich Frank, director of business development at AHF. “Plus, the dryers’ 100% ADA-compliant recess kits make the user experience welcoming, friendly and easy; it’s probably the best bathroom experience in Boston.”

While we’ve designed custom XLERATOR covers for countless organizations, the AFH project marks the first time this customization has involved original artwork. By putting high-resolution artwork files into a template and using digital image technology, our experts were able to transform the hand dryers into an extension of the masterpieces exhibited throughout the rest of the AFH building.

artist using a custom cover XLERATORIn a space where artists are getting their hands dirty and washing up is an active part of their day, hygienic drying is critical—which made the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR with electrostatic HEPA filtration the perfect solution for the Epicenter. Made in the United States and BuildingGreen approved, it offers up to a 75% carbon footprint reduction when compared to paper towels, helping contribute toward WELL® points and several LEED® credits. And, by eliminating labor, maintenance and waste, the dryers offer a 95% cost savings over paper towels.

Thanks to this mutually rewarding partnership, some incredibly talented teens get to see their artwork featured in an unexpected and energetic way—and we’re honored to provide the ultimate canvas.

“This was such an awesome partnership, working together and contributing ideas,” said Jason Talbot, co-founder and managing director of programs at AFH. “We didn’t know how beautiful the hand dryers would be, but when they we saw them, our eyes were popping out of our heads. It was the talk of the building. Everybody was super excited to have these works of art helping us dry our hands and keep everybody healthy.”

See full case study video.  Contact us if you would like to find out more on how to specify or purchase Excel hand dryers and/or accessories with AFH designs. 

*Dry time and energy use testing performed by SGS International on standard XLERATOR Hand Dryer with 0.8” nozzle to 0.25g or less of residual moisture, pursuant to the UL Environment Global Product Category Rules (PCR) for Hand Dryers.