What’s Behind the Rising Cost of Paper Towels?

Widespread materials shortages and supply chain issues have caused major headaches across an array of industries since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the effects have lessened over the last 3 years, the consequences can still be felt in the form of inflating costs for certain items, including paper towels. In this blog, we look into the reasons behind the rising cost of paper towels and explain how you can save by installing hand dryers in your facility.

Image of an old paper towel dispenser

Why Are Prices So High?

It’s no surprise that paper is a product made through the destruction of trees. So, it stands to reason that the paper towel supply slows down as the timber industry becomes less productive and profitable. In addition to the pandemic, global events such as Russia’s (a primary global timber supplier) ongoing invasion of Ukraine and a lack of available workers in the United States have slowed the supply of timber for wood pulp. Less wood pulp leads to less paper, which leads to higher prices.

So, how big an impact are these events having on the price of paper? Between 2021 and 2022, paper industry giants like Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark and Kruger reported price increases from 18–25%. But that number isn’t based only on the cost of raw materials—you also have to factor in the amount you would pay for the associated costs in the paper-towel manufacturing process, such as energy and transportation.

Hand Dryers Can Help

Here’s the bottom line: if your facility is reliant on an ongoing supply of materials for restroom hand drying, then you are at the mercy of price fluctuations for those products. Unlike paper towels, air isn’t subject to inflation. By installing high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers manufactured by Excel Dryer, your facility can achieve a cost savings of up to 95%,with a return on investment in nine months to a year.

Not only do each of Excel’s products—the XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco®, XLERATORsync® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers—remove the need for paper towels completely, but they are also proven to be a hygienic and green way to properly dry hands. 

Not a Towel in Sight at Grand Central Terminal

These savings are especially helpful in high-traffic environments. Take Grand Central Terminal, for example. With more than 750,000 daily visitors, New York City’s iconic GCT is its own small city within the greatest city in the world. It has 44 train platforms, 68 shops and 35 restaurants across its 48 acres—with 24 XLERATOR high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers keeping its restrooms clean and green.

One thing you won’t find: paper towels. It’s a big job, but XLERATOR has proven itself up to the task. Since installing XLERATORs, Grand Central Terminal has realized a 95% cost savings, not to mention cleaner restrooms and a decreased need for maintenance.

How Can We Help You?

Installing Excel hand dryers in any facility is an easy way to quickly see massive cost savings, not only on paper towels themselves, but on labor, maintenance and waste removal. Interested in learning exactly how much you could save? Check out our Savings Calculator.  

If you want to learn more about how XLERATOR is a cost-effective, hygienic and sustainable way to dry hands, contact us today.