Setting the Standard with a Product Category Rule (PCR)

Excel Dryer has manufactured American-made hand dryers for over 50 years and, time and again, we’ve proven the validity of our reputation as true innovators. This culture of “setting the standard” for American manufacturing is deeply ingrained in the way we operate and is demonstrated with the creation of the industry’s first global Product Category Rule (PCR). In this blog, we explain the importance of the PCR and its effect on the hand drying industry and American manufacturing.

XLERATOR Hand Dryers on a black background under text that reads ‘Team USA’ What is a Product Category Rule?

The hand dryer market, like so many others, is inundated with knockoff products and manufacturers making unsubstantiated claims. So, what’s the solution? All products need to be evaluated by the same set of rules and reporting guidelines—which is where the PCR comes in. A PCR establishes an internationally recognized set of requirements and guidelines to test and report on a product’s impact on the environment. These standards allow the specifying community and buyers to conduct a more “apples-to-apples” product comparison and make a more informed decision.

Excel Dryer was asked to chair the committee to develop the hand dryer PCR, and we collaborated with UL Environment (a business division of Underwriters’ Laboratories) and other leading hand dryer manufacturers to achieve the industry consensus. The final result means less market confusion in this new age of transparency, so you know what you’re getting when you make a purchase.

Close up of American flagAdditional Measures for American Manufacturing

Excel Dryer’s commitment to American manufacturing extends beyond the creation of the PCR. Our line of hand dryers were the first in the industry to be Made in USA Certified®. This certification is critical, as knockoff production costs the U.S. economy up to $600 billion a year through the theft of intellectual property.

We fought and won a dispute with the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) helping to block these knockoffs at our ports and keep them out of ecommerce marketplaces. This is to ensure those who want XLERATORs are guaranteed the real, American-made innovation. The ruling helped to remove hundreds of bogus product listings from e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay in addition to other resellers, both domestically and abroad.

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