How to Choose the Best Commercial Hand Dryer

Xlerator Commercial Hand Dryer

5 Factors on How to Choose the Best Commercial Hand Dryer

There are many factors to consider when choosing and comparing commercial hand dryers that making the best choice can seem overwhelming and confusing. Never fear! We’ve been in the hand dryer business for more than 50 years and have seen many commercial hand dryers come and go. There are five key attributes to look for when selecting a hand dryer that will ensure it stands the test of time and serves your clientele well: speed, maintenance, cost, hygiene, and aesthetics.

Below, we explain why these attributes matter and how to evaluate a commercial hand dryer to ensure you’re getting the best product for your needs.

How Do I Choose the Best Hand-Drying Speed?

The days of drying your hands on your pants are over! Ranging from 8-14 second dry times, a commercial hand dryer is an efficient alternative to paper towels. Dry time claims should be held to a standard. This is where the PCR comes in: it provides that universal definition of dryness, and measures the dryer’s ability to meet that standard. The standard is 0.25 grams of residual water or less. It’s the only certification with industry consensus, which requires the product to be tested by a third-party testing facility, and thus can be trusted.

How Can I Make Restroom Maintenance Simple?

No one likes a messy restroom, especially not a public one. One way to cut down on restroom maintenance is to install a commercial hand dryer. A commercial hand dryer will alleviate the paper towel waste on the restroom floor as well as prevent clogged toilets due to paper towels being flushed. Some commercial hand dryers also come with service LED lights, which indicate when service is needed.

How can Hand Dryers Save Money?

Cost is not just about the purchase price of the hand dryer, but more so, the cost of the hand dryer over time. Paper towels require storage, dispenser maintenance, and waste removal. While those tasks may seem minimal, over time they add up in both labor and product costs. High-speed energy-efficient commercial hand dryers on the market can even save you more than a traditional hand dryer. As technology progresses, so do some of the most advanced hand dryers, in turn passing along the savings to you! The simple act of not purchasing paper towels typically amounts to major cost savings as well, a 95% savings over paper towels. Plus you’ll no longer deal with bacteria-laden paper waste, clogged toilets, and labor-intensive restocking and cleaning.

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Excel Dryer hand dryers are hygienic and an optional HEPA filtration system can add to consumer confidence by delivering clean, filtered, purified air quickly and efficiently. New test results from LMS Technology prove XLERATORs with HEPA a filtration system removes 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. It is currently the only HEPA filtration system on the market with a metal mesh washable pre-filter. Our washable pre-filter provides reliable service and extended filter life. The HEPA filtration system comes as a standard feature on our new XLERATORsync Hand Dryer.

Are Quiet Hand Dryers Powerful?

Hand dryer power can be defined as two things: the power of the airflow it emits to dry your hands and the power (electricity) it takes to run. Commercial hand dryers boast the best of both worlds, drying hands quickly and with less power than past hand dryers! One model can dry hands using only 500 watts! Using fewer watts to dry users’ hands makes them more environmentally friendly and less costly, meaning savings for you and the environment.

If you are in the market for a commercial hand dryer, don’t get overwhelmed. Consider the five critical attributes – speed, maintenance, cost, hygiene and aesthetics – and use them to compare models. Look for the latest commercial hand dryers that have new features like speed control, maintenance indicators, multi-voltage options and, of course, cost savings. These features are what make a commercial hand dryer great.

All of our dryers can be customized to complement or stylishly contrast with restroom colors and patterns. Cover options include white thermoset resin, brushed stainless steel, epoxy painted, textured painted, chrome, and special paint options. We even offer custom image covers to convey your decision to go paperless to your customers, add a corporate logo, or display a school mascot. There are many options for custom image designs on either painted or brushed stainless covers.

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