A Case for American Manufacturing

Celebrate Memorial Day with ExcelAmerican manufacturing is an important economic driver. It invigorates innovation and product development, and provides employment opportunities here, stateside. This spring, another case was made for American-made products: their availability. In April 2021, you couldn’t read a newspaper or put on a television station without catching a story about the shipping vessel that was lodged in the Suez Canal. Despite only holding up passage for six days, the Canal accounts for 30% of the world’s daily shipping container freight, making it likely that the after-effects of the incident will be felt at the business and consumer levels for months.

This incident highlights the need for a supply-chain strategy that keeps manufacturing and parts sourcing within the borders of the same country. For Excel Dryer, an American manufacturing company, this strategy has long been woven into the (red, white and blue) fabric of our DNA.

That’s An Order

Almost fortuitously, in January, President Biden signed an Executive Order, putting the wheels in motion to incentivize doing business with American manufacturing. With the stroke of a pen, he sought to change the scope of government spending, urging federal agencies to Buy American, that is, give preference to domestic producers.

This takes 1993’s Buy American Act a step further, increasing the content percentage of a product considered to be “Made in the USA.” We applaud the effort but do hope that additional standardization will be given to the measure across industries. The Federal Trade Commission offers basic information on Made in USA claims but upon closer inspection you’ll note that disclosures vary depending upon what it is being purchased. For instance, U.S. content of automobiles, textiles, wool and fur products must be disclosed, however, language in the regulations leaves some gray areas when it comes to other categories, making it difficult for consumers to discern the true origin of their products in many instances.

XLERATOR Hand Dryer with American FlagProud to be an American Manufacturer

Long before the incident in the Canal and before the President’s Order, (and for many more reasons than shipping delays), Excel Dryer made a commitment to American manufacturing. Led by company president, Denis Gagnon, Excel Dryer has been “proud to be an American manufacturer of quality products people enjoy using and can depend on.”

This commitment extends to the product and the people of Excel:

  • Our line of hand dryers were the first in the industry to be Made in USA Certified
  • We fought and won a dispute with the International Trade Commission helping to keep knock-off products out of ecommerce marketplaces, ensuring that those who want XLERATORs are guaranteed the real innovation
  • We employ a team of 50+ American workers who live in communities nearby our manufacturing facility, helping to fuel our local economy

As a manufacturer who believes in product testing and transparent information-sharing, when you buy from Excel Dryer, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the product quality and reliability we’ve long been known for. We welcome questions about our American-made company or product line.