ThinAir®Hand Dryer

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Model TA-ABS
Surface-mounted, Automatic,
White Polymer (ABS)

  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS
  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS
  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS
  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS
  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS
  • ThinAir New surface-mounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer Model TA-ABS

Model No. Cover Finish Mounting Activation Dryer Type ProductTAG
TA-ABS White Polymer (ABS) Surface Automatic Sensor Activated Hand Dryer

  • GreenSpec LISTED


  • Adjustable Speed & Sound
  • Adjustable Heat Settings — High, Medium, Low And Off
  • Multi Voltage: 110-120V, 208-277V, 230V
  • Externally Visible Service LED To Assist With Troubleshooting (See Owner's Manuel For Codes)


  • 14 Second Dry Time*
  • Wattage: 950 Watts (Heat On) - 300 Watts (Heat Off)
  • Meets 4” ADA protrusion guidelines to accommodate the visually impaired
  • Washable Pre-Filter
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty



Width 9 5⁄32" (233 mm)
Height 13 15⁄16" (354 mm)
Depth 4" (102 mm)


TA-ABS: 8 lbs. (3.6 kgs.)


  1. All covers will be fastened to a base plate by one chrome plated tamper-proof bolt. The cover shall be composed of:
    ABS White polymer with SanaFor™ antimicrobial additive.
  2. Base plate shall be equipped with (3) 7/8" (22 mm) diameter knockouts, one of which is located on the right side and suitable for use with surface conduit
  3. All internal parts shall be coated according to Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. requirements.
  4. Entire mechanism shall be internally grounded, per UL requirements.
  5. Accessories (optional)
    MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Wall Guards:
    89W (White), 89B (Black), 89S (Stainless)


  1. Motor shall be a thermally protected, series commutated, through-flow discharge vacuum motor/blower (~½ hp / high-30,000 rpm, low-20,000 rpm) which provides air velocity of up to 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at the air outlet.
  2. Heating element (550 W) is constructed of Nichrome wire and mounted inside the blower housing behind air baffle, thereby being vandal resistant. It shall be protected by an automatic resetting thermostat, which shall open whenever air flow is cut off and shall close when flow of air is resumed. It shall produce an air temperature of up to 141°F (61°C) at a 72°F (22°C) ambient room temperature at the outlet and 101°F (38°C) at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet).
  3. Control assembly is activated by an infrared optical sensor located next to the air outlet. The dryer shall operate as long as hands are under the air outlet. Control includes a speed and sound control mechanism, variable heat control with High, Medium, Low and Off settings and a filter sensor which is activated should the filter become clogged. There is a 35-second lockout feature if hands are not removed. Sensor equipped with externally visible Red LED light that can flash error codes to assist in troubleshooting


The dryer shall be guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of five (5) years. Warranty shall include labor performed at factory as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts, at manufacturer's option


One dryer for every two washbasins is sufficient for most applications. If restroom traffic is unusually heavy, we suggest one dryer per washbasin in small installations and two dryers for every three washbasins in larger installations. When a 54" washfountain is used, we suggest four to five dryers.


Please contact Excel at or 413-525-4531 for Excel's recommended hand drying procedure.


ADA guidelines state that fixtures mounted above 27" must not protrude more than 4" from the wall.

110-120V 7-7.7A 770-915W 3-3.2A 310-370W 50/60 Hz
208-277V 3.6-4.0A 735-950W 1.5-1.9A 300-375W 50/60 Hz
230V 3.9A 890W 1.7A 375W 50 Hz
Suggested Mounting Height
From Floor to Bottom of Dryer
Men 45" (114 cm)
Women 43" (109 cm)
Teenagers 41" (104 cm)
Children 35" (89 cm)
Accessibility 37" (94 cm)

Anti-Microbial Wall Guards

Part ID Description Download PDF ProductTAG
89W Wall Guard White
89B Wall Guard Black
89S Wall Guard Stainless

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