The Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Wall-Mounted Hand Dryers

Electric Hand Dryers for All Facilities

New years bring new changes and improvements to every business. CEOs, owners, and other top-level management positions are making decisions to increase efficiency and save money. Now is no different.

Rather than pour countless hours of research into reviewing your supply chain, new offerings, or employee benefits, why not choose a simpler solution that will save your facility money while making it cleaner and more efficient?

Installing electric hand dryers can do that – and more. Here are the top benefits of installing commercial wall-mounted hand dryers. 

Electric Hand Dryers Benefits

You can benefit from electric hand dryers, no matter your facility – a restaurant, a sporting venue or arena, an apartment complex, etc. People need to dry their hands after washing them. It’s either an electric hand dryer or *gulp* paper towels.

Yes, it’s 2021 and some facilities still use paper towels. We’ve written articles and studies show that electric hand dryers end up costing less, are more environmentally friendly, and cleaner than paper towels. How?


Looking to save money this year? Electric hand dryers can help by eliminating the need to purchase paper towels for your restroom. Not only that, but hand dryers actually require less maintenance than paper towel dispensers. Plus, custodians can be more efficient by not spending any amount of time disposing garbage bins full of used paper towels, picking up paper towels off the floor or fixing issues caused by paper towels being flushed.

Be sure to check out our savings calculator to see how much your facility can save by switching from paper towels to hand dryers.

Environmentally Friendly

Going green is no longer an advantage for companies; it’s expected. Hand dryers eliminate a huge amount of waste. Just think of how many paper towels you use to dry your hands. Now multiply that times the amount of people in your company or who use your facility. That’s just one day!

Less paper being used not only results in less paper waste, but it also results in less deforestation. Hand dryers require exactly zero trees to be cut down. Paper towels obviously can’t say the same.


Many people think there is no hygienic difference between paper towels and electric hand dryers. After all, your hands are clean after washing them, right?

Sort of. Unfortunately, not everyone cleans their hands properly after using the restroom. After doing so, bathroom visitors repeatedly touch the handle of the paper towel dispenser, leading to the spread of germs. While there are now automatic dispensers, that doesn’t eliminate the used paper towels that could sit in garbage bins for hours, or even days, collecting more restroom germs.

High Speed Hand Dryer Benefits

Things you can do in 8 seconds:

  • Tie your shoes
  • Button your coat
  • Send a text message
  • Eat a chocolate chip cookie
  • Open a bottle of wine

And now, with high speed hand dryers, you can even dry your hands. A well designed high speed hand dryer not only is fast, but still retains eco-friendly energy levels.

While we can’t do anything about long lines waiting to go into bathrooms, fast hand dryers can help reduce long lines of people waiting to dry their hands after washing. Your facility doesn’t make money when employees or visitors are in the restroom. High speed hand dryers get them out as fast as possible.

Automatic Hand Dryer Benefits

Automatic hand dryers have built-in sensors that detect motion and turn on and off accordingly. As explained earlier, electric hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels. However, these automatic hand dryers are even more hygienic than push-button hand dryers. Remember, not everyone washes their hands properly, and those same people push the button to activate the hand dryer.

Automatic hand dryers require less maintenance than both paper towel dispensers and push-button dryers. Less maintenance results in a lower cost over a long period of time.

This is the year for you to make your mark on your company and its facility. Make the decision to switch to a commercial wall-mounted hand dryer and enjoy cost savings and eco-friendly benefits, all while making your restroom a little cleaner.