Industrial Hand Dryers Help Hundreds of Business Owners ‘Throw in the Towel’

Excel Hand Dryer with ADA Compliant Recess Kit

Constructing the perfect restroom can be deceptively tricky. From sink placement to the swing direction of the stall doors, laying out a well-designed restroom all comes back to one key question: how many people will use these facilities at one time? It’s a question that, though simple, can cause disaster if not fielded properly.

Whether facing big or small crowds, you want people to be able to get in and get out and back to whatever they were doing before, whether they are a nurse heading back to their station or a sports fan heading back to their seats. Industrial hand dryers are the key to ensuring your restroom gets people in, out, and back to it.

Industrial hand dryers like the XLERATOR are incredibly powerful, boasts an 8-second dry time. The fast dry time gets guests in and out quickly, with no messy discarded paper towels overflowing garbage cans, littering the floor, and clogging toilets, resulting in costly maintenance.

Who can’t relate to being in a restroom with a slow hand dryer that requires two or even three cycles to dry hands effectively? With industrial hand dryers, that fear is no more. These high-tech hand dryers also shut off immediately after use is finished, instead of running through an entire “cycle” and wasting energy and heat.

At Excel Dryer, we like to think that our product is the best of the best. While we could share more about how great our XLERATOR® industrial hand dryer is, we decided to let our customers do the talking for us. 

Below are quotes and comments given by satisfied clients around the world who have saved money, reduced their environmental footprints and more just by switching to an industrial hand dryer from Excel.

“I was surprised – it actually works! I didn’t have to go through the usual routine of putting out my hands under the dryer, getting tired of it not working, and then wiping them on my pants.” – David in Santa Cruz, CA

“I recently used the XLERATOR hand dryer and was amazed! I have never liked hand dryers until I used the XLERATOR.” – Richard in Windsor, MI

“The installation of XLERATOR hand dryers was a significant factor in reducing our overall waste removal from the park by over 123 tons this year, which equates to a 24% reduction in waste compared to the same time last year. The annual savings compared to paper towels is clearly substantial.” – Chris Knight, Facility Planning Manager for the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park

“XLERATOR continues to be the specified hand dryer of choice at USGBC headquarters because it meets the aggressive energy and waste reduction objectives for designing state-of-the-art green restrooms.” – Ken Wilson of Envision Design and USGBC.*

*USGBC stands for the United States Green Building Council, which is an industry leader in reducing waste and conserving energy in the workplace. If the XLERATOR industrial hand dryer is good enough for them, why aren’t you using it?

If these haven’t swayed you enough, check out even more customer testimonials and video case studies to see how we’ve helped countless organizations around the country save money and energy with industrial hand dryers.

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