What’s in Store for Your Restrooms? 5 Reasons the D|13 Sink System Works for Retail

XLERATORsync Hand Dryer integrated into D|13 Sink SystemThere’s a lot we can say about the D|13 Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer, and we’ll start with this: there’s no commercial restroom where it doesn’t belong. What makes it work for sprawling universities and legendary football stadiums is what makes it just as ideal for the retail industry, from high-end shopping destinations to grab-and-go convenience stores. Here we offer the top 5 reasons retail establishments should discover the D|13 difference. 

1. One-Stop Convenience   

Person washing hands at D|13 sink system featuring the XLERATORsync hand dryer

You want to delight your customers in every way, right down to facilitating a simple and efficient restroom stop. Enter the future of fast hand dryer hygiene, in one integrated innovation. 

The D|13 Sink System positions XLERATORsync hand dryer right alongside a high-efficiency faucet and soap dispenser on the sink deck. This intuitive faucet with hand dryer design allows users to quickly and thoroughly wash and dry their hands at a single station without requiring so much as a pivot. They’re in, they’re out, and they’re pleased with the ease. In fact, if you’ve got a C-Store, the need for such a quick stop may be why that customer came through your doors—and now they’re glad they did.

2. Advanced Hygiene  

Between the purifying power of its hand dryer and the strategic design of its elements, this restroom sink solution is as clean as hand hygiene gets. Leading the system’s trio of touch-free fixtures, XLERATORsync is equipped with our new electrostatic HEPA filter, proven to remove 99.999% of viruses* and 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the airstream. The filter’s supercharged media (namely, electrostatically charged polypropylene microfiber) actively attracts tiny particles as they move through the dryer, effectively eliminating them. 

Then there’s the restroom environment itself: according to a recent survey of U.S. consumers, a significant 70% say the cleanliness of restrooms strongly influences their perception of a commercial establishment. It’s a good thing the D|13 Sink System takes care of that, too, inherently solving the problem of paper-towel messes while helping to keep floors dry. XLERATORsync, engineered specifically for integration with this system, reverses and fans out the high-speed airflow to blow toward the bottom of the sink basin. The basin is designed with the appropriate depth and angles to keep the water in the sink—the only place it belongs.  

3. Supreme Sustainability 

Green building certifications are among many companies’ top goals, driving them to make strategic, well-researched decisions for their buildings—including the restrooms. A recent life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted by TrueNorth Collective determined our high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR, no-heat XLERATOReco, surface-mounted ThinAir, and XLERATORsync Hand Dryers carry between 81% and 96% fewer environmental impacts than paper towels (even those containing 100% recycled content). It’s no wonder our dryers help facilities qualify for more LEED v4 & v4.1 credits than any others on the market. 

For facilities trying to become WELL Certified, the HEPA hand dryer qualified for a credit under the water section for hand washing/hand drying.  By choosing the D|13 Sink System featuring XLERATORsync, you’re choosing responsibly—and letting customers know sustainability matters to you and your business. 

4. Dramatic Reduction in Cost for Your Store

In addition to making a restroom both cleaner and greener, the D|13 Sink System can do wonders for a facility’s operational expenses over time. How? The simple combination of energy efficiency, maintenance reduction, and a one-time purchase—essentially, all the things paper towels work against. 

Because they tend to end up anywhere but the trash, including on the floor, soaking in sinks, or clogging toilets, paper towels are a top culprit for restroom messes. Then there’s the perpetual need to both restock and dispose (remember, it may be made from recycled fibers, but no used paper towel is recyclable). In short, paper towels are a costly, high-maintenance choice. Facilities that switch to an XLERATOR hand dryer solution see cost savings in as little as a year. 

5. Impressive Aesthetic 

D|13 sink system featuring XLERATORsync Hand Dryer

Nothing can degrade a store’s overall modern appearance like a dated, seemingly neglected restroom. And nothing can turn such a restroom around like a fully customizable D|13 Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer, designed just right.   

Always sleek and stylish, the system offers flexibility in the choice of color, shape, dimensions, and material for the sink basin, countertop, and base cabinet, including elegant options like solid surface quartz and stone. The D|13 Sync System is easily incorporated into any ADA-compliant restroom. Supplemental elements such as baby changing units, built-in trash receptacles, and custom countertop elevations are also available. This allows for seamless integration into the look, feel, and function of your establishment—and that will be remembered.  

If you’re ready to give customers the ultimate user experience in hand hygiene, contact us today to learn more and get started. 

*Based on testing by LMS Technologies, 2023