Hand Dryers Reduce Public Restroom Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

Paper Towels create additional restroom cleaning and maintenance needs.Have you ever considered how hand dryers save time during public restroom cleaning? When it comes to maintaining restrooms, hand dryers are a workhorse for your bathroom cleaning services. Hand dryers can contribute to the efficiency of your bathroom cleaning staff by alleviating much of the time spent keeping the bathrooms clean. Here are a few ways hand dryers can expedite the cleaning process for your team:

Reduced Paper Towel Restocking in Restrooms

Eliminating the need for paper towels means your staff no longer has to spend time restocking paper towel dispensers. Hand dryers provide a continuous drying solution, eliminating the need for frequent refills. This helps reduce interruptions in the cleaning routine, allowing staff to complete their tasks more swiftly. They can allocate their time and efforts to other duties, including serving customers. 

Besides saving time, reducing paper towel restocking also translates into cost savings for the facility. Paper towels need to be regularly purchased and refilled, incurring ongoing expenses. You can allocate your budget to other service areas, maintenance, and facility management by minimizing or eliminating paper towel usage.

In addition to time and bathroom cleaning services cost savings, using hand dryers promotes sustainability by reducing paper waste. Not using paper towels in public restrooms helps make your facility more environmentally friendly.

Uncrowded Bathrooms Thanks to Faster Hand Drying

Paper towels clog public bathroom urinals, toilets and sinks.Hand dryers typically dry hands faster than paper towels. Some of the best hand dryers can dry hands anywhere from 8-14 seconds. The XLERATOR® hand dryer dries hands in 8 seconds. The ADA-compliant ThinAir®, hand dryer dries hands in 14 seconds. 

This is particularly beneficial for high-traffic restrooms, such as those in airports, malls, restaurants, or large venues. Faster drying times contribute to a smoother user experience and enhance the efficiency of restroom usage. This means restroom users spend less time in the handwashing area, allowing for a smoother flow of traffic and reducing congestion. As a result, staff can quickly move on to cleaning other restroom areas.

Hand dryers are designed to emit a powerful and concentrated airflow that facilitates faster evaporation of water from hands, allowing restroom users to dry their hands faster than using paper towels. Paper towels take longer and may require multiple towels for drying.  When your restroom users can dry their hands quickly, it expedites the overall turnover of visitors and cleaning staff in your facility.

Simplified Restroom Clean-Up

Hand dryers save restroom maintenance time and money

Paper towels are one of the primary reasons for restrooms being perceived as dirty as soon as a user walks in. In a recent Metrix Labs survey, 87% of respondents agree that the presence of paper towels on the floor or in the toilet and overflowing trash cans are the primary factors contributing to the perception of a dirty restroom. Alternatively, hand dryers do not generate waste that needs to be collected. This simplifies the cleaning process as there is no need to gather and dispose of used paper towels or perform maintenance on clogs. Most importantly, restroom users do not have to see paper towels strewn around and in places where they shouldn’t be.

Restroom Hygiene and Ventilation

Regularly using hand dryers in the bathroom can contribute to maintaining proper airflow and ventilation. Good ventilation helps reduce viral particle concentration and prevents moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. By promoting air circulation, hand dryers can aid in keeping the bathroom environment dry and fresh. Hand dryers also reduce user touch points in the bathroom, reducing the potential for spreading germs after washing hands.

It’s important to note that while hand dryers can contribute to a more hygienic bathroom, it’s still essential to maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene in restrooms. Regular cleaning practices, such as disinfecting surfaces, emptying trash bins, and ensuring adequate soap and hand sanitizer supplies, should still be adhered to.

Reduced Restroom Fixture Maintenance

When it comes to upkeep, hand dryers typically require less maintenance compared to paper towel dispensers. While paper towel dispensers often need refilling, regular maintenance checks, and potential replacement, hand dryers only generally require routine cleaning and occasional filter replacement. Beyond regular cleaning of the outside of the unit, cleaning staff do not need to do much else. It is recommended that the unit’s prefilter be cleaned at least twice a year and the HEPA filter be replaced based on the usage frequency outlined by the manufacturer. At a minimum, the HEPA filter should be checked annually.                

By leveraging hand dryers’ time- and cost-saving benefits, cleaning staff can allocate their time and efforts more efficiently, resulting in a well-maintained and hygienic public restroom environment. Contact us today to learn how Excel hand dryers can streamline bathroom cleaning efforts and reduce maintenance costs.