5 Reasons Why You Can’t Recycle Paper Towels

Hand Dryers and Sustainability

Facts showing how Excel Hand Dryers are better for the environment and more sustainable than paper towels.Sustainability is a rising concern in today’s market, and every small step we take toward reducing waste matters. Together, we can make a sustainable commitment to go green by opting for modern hand dryers over traditional paper towels. Excel Dryer, a pioneer in the automated hand dryer industry, offers an eco-friendly and hygienic solution that outshines recycled paper towels.

We will explore five reasons why investing in Excel Dryer’s hand dryers is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Paper Towel Waste 

  1. Recycled Paper Towels Aren’t Truly Sustainable

    Many eco-conscious consumers wonder if paper towels are more sustainable than hand dryers. The marketing of paper towels is focused on how they are “sustainably made” from recycled paper. And the introduction of “recycled” paper towels means an even more environmentally friendly option, right?   The answers may surprise you. 

    Marketing leads us to believe that paper towels do not deplete natural resources or contribute to deforestation and ecological damage. In truth, the environmental impact of producing recycled paper towels is nearly equivalent to that of conventional paper towels. Recycled paper towels are simply paper towels that are made from recycled paper. Recycling the paper and creating a new product is admirable, but paper towels – whether made from virgin paper or recycled paper – cannot be reused or recycled. The paper fibers in paper towels are too short to be repurposed for new towels or other paper products. That means the only option is to throw paper towels in the trash, sending them to the landfill, where one ton of paper towels takes up approximately 40 cubic feet. 

    Think about it – if each person utilizes one paper towel a day, 572 pounds of carbon emissions are created each year. That number exponentially increases when you consider the paper towel usage at business offices, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, and more.   

    On the other hand, you can go green with Excel Dryer’s hand dryers, designed with sustainability in mind. They use significantly less energy than traditional dryers and have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and landfill-bound paper towels.

  2. Recycled Towels Can Harbor Harmful Bacteria

    One common question is, “Are recycled towels safe?” The truth is that recycled paper towels can be ground zero for harmful bacteria growth. Moist environments like restrooms are ideal for bacteria breeding, and due to paper towels’ shorter fibers, proper recycling sanitation is nearly impossible, leading to various health and sanitary issues for your employees and customers.

    Excel’s bathroom hand dryers eliminate the risk by providing a touchless and rapid drying experience, ensuring hands are not in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

  3. Recycling Facilities Unable to Process Paper Towels

    People often ask the great question, “Can you recycle paper towels?” Unfortunately, because used paper towels are contaminated with food residue, body fluids, oils, and chemicals after use, the feasibility of recycling is zero. And as noted above, the short paper fibers from which paper towels are manufactured mean there is no further way to repurpose the material. Additionally, paper towels may incorporate hard-to-remove additives such as wet-strength agents or dyes to augment their performance. Recycling facilities need help to efficiently process these contaminated paper towels, leading to increased waste and a deeper carbon footprint. 

    Hand dryers, on the other hand, generate no waste during use and last for years, making them a zero-waste alternative. Excel Dryer’s high-efficiency models consume minimal energy and reduce overall environmental impact.

  4. Paper Towels Contribute to Excessive Waste

    The sheer volume of waste generated by paper towels can be overwhelming for many busy businesses to keep up with. It is quite the hassle today to take an employee off the floor where they may be selling to tend to the bathroom and empty the trashcans because of the volume of paper towels being used. The constant disposal of paper towels around the globe adds up quickly, contributing to landfills and straining natural resources.

    Excel Dryer’s hand dryers reduce labor and waste significantly. Choosing hand dryers decreases the environmental burden caused by paper towel waste.

  5. Hand Dryers Save Time and Money

    The choice is evident when considering the cost and efficiency of hand dryers vs. paper towels. Recycled paper towels may seem cost-effective initially, but their continuous purchase and disposal costs increase over time.

     Excel Dryer’s hand dryers provide a cost-effective solution in the long run, and return on investment is often noticed between 9-12 months from installation. They require minimal maintenance and reduce ongoing expenses associated with paper towel restocking.

    Use our savings calculator to learn how much you will save with hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Excel Dryer Is A Smarter Choice Than Recycled Paper Towels

In the quest for a more sustainable and hygienic restroom experience, Excel Dryer’s hand dryers stand out as the superior choice. Recycled paper towels are not the most sustainable, hygienic, or efficient choice, as apparent in the Life Cycle Assessment of Hand Dryers and Paper Towels. Investing in hand dryers now contributes to a cleaner environment, reduces waste, and promotes a more sanitary atmosphere.

Embrace the future of hand-drying technology with Excel Dryer and join the movement toward a greener, cleaner, and more cost-effective solution for your restroom needs. Make the switch today and experience the benefits of our eco-friendly hand dryers. 

Contact our team to discover why hand dryers are the greener and more cost-effective choice.

FAQs About Recycled Paper Towels

Are paper towels more sustainable than air hand dryers?
No, hand dryers are a more sustainable hand-drying solution due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan. Paper towels create solid waste when used and disposed of, contributing to landfill waste.

Are recycled towels safe?
Not really, because recycled towels can harbor harmful bacteria, making hand dryers a more sanitary choice.

Why can’t paper towels be recycled?
Paper towels are made of very short fibers that are too small to be recycled. Additionally, paper towels are often contaminated with various food residues, body fluids, oils, and chemicals, meaning they could contaminate a load of paper being recycled.