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Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

How To Cut Energy Costs with Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers

As energy costs continue to rise, companies are searching for ways to reduce their expenses without hurting their business. One simple solution that addresses both cost-cutting and energy conservation is the implementation of energy-efficient hand dryers in restrooms. These devices are not only environmentally-friendly, but they can also save businesses hundreds or even thousands of […]

Excel is Made In USA Certified

Made in USA – American-Made Hand Dryers by Excel Dryer

When it comes to purchasing products, “Made in the USA” holds a special place in the hearts of many consumers.  A survey carried out by Perception Research Services (PRS) noted that many consumers prefer “Made in the USA” products over lower quality counterparts.  In fact, when considering similar products manufactured overseas, the average American is […]

Soapy hands under running water

Are You Cleaning Your Hands Wrong?

If there is one thing we’ve all heard plenty throughout the pandemic, it’s the importance of regularly washing our hands. And yet, many people may still be surprised to learn they aren’t ​getting the job done. A quick squirt of soap, a few swipes of your hands together, rinse and a couple vigorous shakes to […]

Drying hands the hygienic way

Proper Hand Hygiene Unlocks the Key to Germ Control

Introduction Reports related to COVID-19 have been dominating the news since early 2020. Perhaps now more than ever, we stand together in support of a cause that impacts us all: the protection of public health and wellness. ​​Helping create healthier environments has always been a critical piece of Excel Dryer’s mission. It’s something the original, […]