Made in USA – American-Made Hand Dryers by Excel Dryer

When it comes to purchasing products, “Made in the USA” holds a special place in the hearts of many consumers. 

A survey carried out by Perception Research Services (PRS) noted that many consumers prefer “Made in the USA” products over lower quality counterparts. 

In fact, when considering similar products manufactured overseas, the average American is willing to pay up to 60 percent more for products made in the USA.

For more than 50 years, Excel Dryer has been manufacturing industry-leading hand dryers, and we’re proud of our Made in the USA seal.

What is Made in USA Certified®?

Excel is Made In USA Certified

The Made in the USA Certified seal is a country of origin label that indicates product(s) are Made in the USA. 

For a product to become Made in USA Certified, it must meet specific criteria and prove to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) exactly where the labor, parts, and assembly take place. 

Excel Dryer manufactures all of its XLERATOR® Hand Dryers in East Longmeadow, MA. They employ over 50 people and are the only hand dryer manufacturer to achieve Made in the USA Certification for their product line.

The Importance of Buying American-Made Dryers

Supporting American manufacturers benefits the economy on a national, state, and local level and plays a crucial role in fostering innovation, product development, and employment opportunities. In Massachusetts alone, the manufacturing sector contributes to more than 7,000 companies and provides over 250,000 jobs. The impact extends beyond domestic borders, with American manufacturers leading the way in groundbreaking products that have a global reach.

One such example is the XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer, which employs “no heat” technology to rapidly dry hands, making it the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hand dryer. Its energy-saving features have earned it a strong presence in Europe, where conserving energy is a top priority. The ThinAir® Hand Dryer also boasts enhanced features and customizable options, making it a versatile and reliable choice for diverse commercial settings.

American Hand Dryers vs. the Rest

Like so many others, the hand dryer market is flooded with knockoff products and manufacturers making unsupported claims. 

Architects and specifiers may approve “or equal” products that are not true equivalents and are not as reliable.

To help combat the issue, Excel Dryer initiated the first-ever global Product Category Rule (also known as a PCR), which was created for the hand dryer industry and published by UL Environment (a business division of Underwriters’ Laboratories). 

A PCR is a set of rules, requirements, and guidelines following internationally established standards that make it easier to consistently evaluate products’ environmental impacts.

Standardized evaluation guidelines and reporting allow buyers to compare hand dryers more “apples to apples” and ultimately make a more informed decision based on credible, third-party testing. 

Now, with the global hand dryer PCR, all hand dryer manufacturers must test for data such as dry times and energy use in the same way, creating a new age of transparency. 

Excel Dryer was the first to publish PCR test results: the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR Hand Dryer recorded an 8-second dry time and 3.7 Wh of energy per use while the XLERATOReco Hand Dryer recorded 10 seconds, 1.7 Wh, respectively.

The Durability of Our Hand Dryers

In high-volume industries, durability is key.

Imported, cheaper hand dryers may require a constant unblocking of auto sensors and repair or replacement of heater coils or motors which can become a maintenance nightmare. XLERATOR hand dryers are built to be tough, designed to stand up to high usage, and are virtually maintenance-free. 

Unlike some hand dryer imports, Excel Dryer holds the patent for the motor in all its hand dryers and offers an industry-leading, 7-year warranty on XLERATOR and 5-year warranty on ThinAir.

Each dryer’s failure rate is less than 1%, making replacing the machines extremely minimal. 

Excel Dryer leads the way when it comes to Made in USA hand dryers. 

The durability, quality, and cost-savings proven by its top-of-the-line dryers make it the ideal hand-drying choice for any commercial restroom.

When it comes to American Made Dryers, Excel Dryer shines as a pioneer in the industry. The company’s commitment to the “Made in the USA Certified” label, innovative technologies, and unmatched durability makes their hand dryers ideal for any commercial restroom. By choosing Excel Dryer, consumers support American manufacturing and invest in reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly hand dryers that have set the standard for the global market. So, the next time you see the “Made in the USA Certified” seal on a hand dryer, you can be sure that it’s an Excel Dryer – the true symbol of American quality and innovation.