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A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution

Excel Dryer, manufacturer of the original, patented, high speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® hand dryer, is committed to providing the most hygienic hand drying solutions. While the cost-savings and environmental benefits of high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are clear, there are many misconceptions about the hygienic efficacy of different hand drying methods. It is important that distributors and end-users are comfortable and assured that Excel Dryer hand dryers are both reliable and hygienic. This page has been created to host educational materials regarding hand hygiene as it relates to hand dryers, including scientific studies, case studies, articles and other resources about proper hand hygiene.

Excel Dryer acknowledges that many studies have also been produced, mostly funded by the paper towel industry, in support of paper towels. However, there are several independent third-party studies that debunk the myth of paper towels being more hygienic than hand dryers.


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Mayo Clinic Study

A Mayo Clinic Study

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit, worldwide leader in medical care, research and education, evaluated the effects of four different hand drying methods regarding the removal of bacteria from washed hands. The study concludes that “there are no differences in the efficiencies of removing bacteria from washed hands when hands are dried using paper towels, cloth towels, warm forced air or spontaneous evaporation.”

Laval University AJIC

American Journal of Infection Control Article

Another study, conducted by researchers at Laval University in Quebec City and published by the American Journal of Infection Control, evaluated bacterial contaminants found on unused paper towels.

The pilot study found “a large community of cultural bacteria, including toxin producers, can be isolated from unused paper towels.” These bacteria were also found to be capable of transfer to individual’s hands after washing, “which may have implications in some industrial and clinical settings as well as in immunocompromised individuals.”?

Specifically, the findings included 17 species of bacteria on the paper towels with the most common being Bacillus, which causes food poisoning.

Press Contact: Michell Abdow or Lisa Twarog (413) 787-1133 exceldryer@marketmentors.com

Case Studies:


Brownfield - Chicago, IL

Representing a 95 percent cost savings when compared to paper towels, XLERATOR hand dryers are saving Brownfield a lot of capital. Brownfield can see up to 30,000 visitors a year and eliminating the use of paper towels are also helping them continue with their green initiatives.

Niles Township Schools

School District in Niles Township - Chicago, IL

Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR Hand Dryers helped Niles Township School District 219 save $4,160 per year in paper towel consumption by installing 80 units throughout their schools.

Hynes Convention Center

Hynes Convention Center - Boston, MA

XLERATOR Hand Dryers saves the Hynes Convention Center money by eliminating the use of paper towels and the cost of labor of maintaining the bathrooms.

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Hand Dryer Over Paper Towels

Hand Dryers: Clearing the Air

Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR Hand Dryers have changed the way people think about the hand dryer. With the XLERATOR’s fast drying times, low noise levels, and lowering energy consumption people are loving the option of hand dryers over paper towels.


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Industry manufacturers answer questions posed by others in the industry to help sell hand dryers. Answering questions and having discussions provides more information on the hand dryer industry.

Sanitary Hands

Hand Dryers are Sanitary

Hand dryers are known to have hygienic benefits and be much more sanitary than other techniques of hand drying. They dry hands by using clean air, not dirty air.

XLERATOR Green Machines

Energy-Efficient Hand Dryers are Green Machines

XLERATOR hand dryers use 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers and can reduce the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50 to 70 percent when compared to traditional hand dryers and recycled paper towels.


XLERATOReco Hand Dryer

In addition to all the features and benefits of the XLERATOR hand dryer, the XLERATOReco hand dryer features "No Heat" technology that dries hands in 15 seconds all while using 500 watts of energy.

Hand Dryer Location

Hand Dryer Location Influences Hand Washing

Excel Dryer recommends installing hand dryers in close proximity to sinks to make them as accessible as possible and encourage hand washing.

Hand Dryer Sustainability

Hand Dryers Offer Green Benefits

Green sustainability is the key to XLERATOR Hand Dryers. XLERATOR Dryers air flows faster, more focused and heated.

Washing Hands

Hygiene and the Role of Hand Dryers

Throw in the paper towel. Hand dryers are the way to the best level of hygiene. Some hand dryers have antimicrobial technologies incorporated. Especially Excel Dryer's hand dryers.

Press Contact: Michell Abdow or Lisa Twarog (413) 787-1133 exceldryer@marketmentors.com




The original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer…and still the best! The XLERATOR Hand Dryer provides 95% cost savings vs. paper towels and uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.


XLERATOReco Hand Dryer

XLERATOReco's 'No Heat' technology dries hands fast using only 500 watts, making it the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hand dryer on the planet. Now available with a HEPA Filtration System and Speed And Sound Control to provide the ultimate solution for a cleaner, quieter restroom environment.

XLERATOR Installation

XLERATOR Installation

The XLERATOR hand dryers are easy to install and can be performed by RMSe qualified technicians totally hassle free. The hand dryers can easily replace wall-mounted paper towel holders with the XChanger kit or the ADA-compliant Recess kit.