Pain Point Case Study Videos

In these videos, you can hear firsthand from restaurants, retirement communities, stadiums, nonprofits and more on how Excel hand dryers individually address these four major pain points:
sustainability, hygiene, cost savings and maintenance.


We are committed to helping facilities around the world save time, money and the environment through the use of our American made hand dryers. With the help and commitment of our customers, we have gathered data and testimonials for the hand dryer case studies you see here. Businesses and facilities both large and small have analyzed and found that by installing Excel hand dryers they have seen improvements and reductions. These hand dryer case studies show improved guest experience while reducing labor, maintenance, waste, and energy. Many of the businesses and facilities that use our hand dryers have also seen significant cost savings, a reduction in their carbon footprint, and an improved hygienic restroom experience. Customers have also turned to our ThinAir hand dryer to be ADA compliant. With the various hand dryer options we believe our case studies will help educate, helping facilities find the right hand dryer for your business.