Putting Children First:
Excel Dryer and Green Apple

In 2014, Excel Dryer partnered with the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to release the custom-covered Green Apple XLERATOR®.

A portion of all Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryer proceeds go back to the Center’s Green Apple initiative to put all students in safe, sustainable schools where they can not only learn, but thrive.

A quarter of all Americans walk through the doors of a school every day. Yet instead of walking into places of opportunity, millions enter buildings where the air they breathe is filled with toxins and mold, where classrooms are poorly lit and overcrowded and where resources are limited and outdated. Too many of our children are learning in buildings that are compromising their health and ability to succeed. Our kids deserve better.

As an active member of USGBC, Excel Dryer is pleased to join forces with the Center for Green Schools and Green Apple. Together, we will advance the development of high-performing green schools creating better learning environments for our nation’s students," said William Gagnon, Vice President of Marketing at Excel Dryer, Inc.

In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds of every Green Apple XLERATOR® sold, Excel Dryer is a proud supporter of the Green Apple Day of Service. The annual event brings together thousands of advocates from around the world, including students, teachers, parents, elected officials, organizations, companies and more, by taking action in their communities through local service projects. Taking place on the last Saturday in September of each year, the Green Apple Day of Service presents an opportunity for substantial change to be made in support of healthy, sustainable schools. For more information, visit mygreenapple.org.

Excel Dryer continues to innovate and set new industry standards. The new XLERATOReco® model uses heatless technology to further reduce energy consumption by over sixty percent, equaling less than 30 kilojoules per use. XLERATOReco® is also available as a Green Apple model. The Green Apple XLERATOR® and Green Apple XLERATOReco® are available with a full line of accessories, including the HEPA Filtration System with a washable pre-filter for reliable performance and a longer life span, antimicrobial wall guards and the XChanger® paper towel dispenser retrofit kit.


Featured Case Study
Sacramento USD

A customized cost-savings analysis revealed that XLERATOR® could save Sac High almost $17,000.00 annually – a 97.96 percent savings versus paper towels – and eliminate 5,587 pounds of paper towel waste a year.

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