The Importance of Buying American-Made Products

An American Flag in the wind in front of a grey skyIn an era of globalization, as products are manufactured and shipped across borders, American consumers must strive to support domestic companies. As a leading manufacturer of high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers, we are proud to exemplify the values of American-made products. In this blog, we explore why purchasing products from Excel Dryer and other American manufacturers is vital for the economy, innovation and employment opportunities.

Revitalizing the Economy and Inspiring Innovation

When consumers choose to buy American-made products, they play an active role in invigorating the national economy. Supporting domestic manufacturers keeps the generated revenue within the country, contributing to job creation and economic growth. Furthermore, buying American-made products encourages advancement. It incentivizes American companies to prioritize research and development, ensuring their products incorporate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable production processes. This dedication drives economic competitiveness and fosters a culture of advancement across the country.

Quality and Trust: Made in USA Certified®

Illustrating our own commitment to advancement, our line of hand dryers was the first in the industry to be Made in USA Certified. This certification assures customers that our restroom solutions are manufactured using the finest materials and adhere to strict production standards set by the Federal Trade Commission. Our dedication to excellence ensures unbeatable product quality and optimal user experience.

Protecting American Manufacturing

Electronic work in the machine shopTo address market confusion and ensure fair comparisons, it is crucial to establish consistent evaluation standards for products. We took the lead in developing Product Category Rules (PCRs) for hand dryers, collaborating with Underwriters’ Laboratories and other industry-leading manufacturers. These internationally recognized guidelines provide the specifying community and buyers with a transparent and informed decision-making process. PCRs enable customers to compare products accurately and choose options that align with their environmental priorities.

These efforts have been beneficial in protecting intellectual property, fighting knockoff production and blocking counterfeit hand dryers from entering the market through ports and e-commerce platforms. By certifying products as Made in USA, we ensure that customers receive authentic, American innovations. This commitment to quality safeguards the economy by preventing the loss of up to $600 billion annually due to intellectual property theft.

A Local Manufacturer You Can Depend On

Our commitment to domestic manufacturing is evident from the location of our production facilities in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. By manufacturing XLERATOR® Hand Dryers locally, we not only ensure product quality but also create jobs for around 50 individuals in the surrounding communities.

Supporting American manufacturers like Excel Dryer goes beyond making a purchase—it demonstrates a commitment to the growth of the national economy, the advancement of innovation and the preservation of local job opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality, American-made hand dryers and the benefits they can offer your business.