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Excel Dryer and Hand Dryer Innovation

Excel Dryer, a company with an experienced and dedicated workforce and an excellent reputation, faced one major complaint in 1997 – their electric hand dryers did not meet customer demands. However, this challenge fueled their determination to create a game-changing product. They introduced the XLERATOR hand dryer through relentless research and development, which revolutionized the […]

Hand Dryer a History of Innovation

Excel Dryer: A History of Innovation

History of a Hand Dryer XLERATOR® hand dryers debuted in 2001 and dries hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. Not only does the XLERATOR® get the job done quickly, 3 times faster than conventional dryers, it also uses 80% less energy. It is a 95% cost savings over paper towels and eliminates their labor, […]