Supporting Soldier On, Two Hands at a Time

This Veterans Day, we are once again honoring all the men and women who have courageously served in the United States Armed Forces. Thankful for this service, we’re continuing our efforts to give back by supporting Soldier On, a western Massachusetts-based nonprofit dedicated to assisting local veterans, with custom covers for our line of high-speed hand dryers.

“They produced and customized these dryers and donated them to Soldier On,” said Bruce Buckley, President and CEO of Soldier On. “Excel is a great example of a company that not only talked about it, but actually did something.”

In addition to these donations, we’ve ensured that a portion of the proceeds from each Soldier On dryer sold goes toward supporting the organization’s mission to end veteran homelessness.

Lending Soldier On a Hand

Since 1994, Soldier On has been fighting to end veteran homelessness—offering shelter, dignity, integrity and hope to those who deserve it most. They accomplish this goal by providing safe, sustainable and affordable housing to help veterans transition to homeownership. In 2010, the organization opened the Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community—a permanent housing cooperative that gives veterans the opportunity to become homeowners by purchasing an equity stake in their houses. 

There was one major issue that continually plagued the community’s bottom line—restroom paper towels proved to be an expensive line item. We decided to step in with several donated, cost-effective XLERATOR Hand Dryers. By replacing paper towel dispensers with our dryers, the community realized a 95% cost savings and experienced far fewer maintenance issues for those veterans responsible for taking care of the restrooms.

“We were spending $350–$500 a month on paper towels, then another $250–$500 to have the sewer unclogged,” said Rick Reid, Vice President of Soldier On. “Every time, they’d pull out wads of paper towels and say, ‘This is the issue.’”

Not only did XLERATOR Hand Dryers help reduce costs for Soldier On, but they increased the overall cleanliness of the bathrooms. Every dryer given to Soldier On came equipped with Excel Dryer’s HEPA filtration system—proven to remove 99.999% of viruses and 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the airstream.

Want to Show Your Support?

As a family-run, American manufacturer that employs veterans, we firmly believe in Solider On’s important mission. Putting a custom Soldier On hand dryer in your restroom is a great way to show your support while helping to raise money for local veterans. You can choose one of our signature designs or customize your own hand dryer with the Soldier On logo. If you have questions, you can reach out to us any time.