Supporting Architects on World Architecture Day

Each year, World Architecture Day is observed on the first Monday of October to not only appreciate great architectural works, but also to support the impressive minds that create them. We are proud to work alongside architects and provide them with the products that make their lives and jobs easier. In this blog, we explain why our products are the number-one architect-specified hand dryers in the world.

Architectural design tools on top of blueprintsWhy Do Architects Trust Excel?

To put it simply, architects trust our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers because they represent the ultimate combination of form and function. The versatility of our products allows them to be installed in any facility as they can satisfy all compliance requirements that might be applicable. Our line features the XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco®, ThinAir® and XLERATORsync® hand dryers and offers the most design options and accessories in the industry. This array of options allows architects to design the best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. To simplify the architectural process, we compile and provide all the technical resources you may need while in the planning stage of your next building design project.

The D25 Sink System: A Convenient Architectural Solution

Always expanding our offerings for specifying, Excel Dryer and D|13 Group have introduced the D25 Sink System, a ready-to-use alternative to the original, fully customized D|13 Sink System, featuring the XLERATORsync Hand Dryer. Much like its predecessor, the D25 Sink System seamlessly fuses high-efficiency fixtures on the sink deck allowing users to wash, rinse and dry hands all in one place—without ever touching the system.

The sleek and compact 25” sink design is available in a turnkey fashion for a quick and easy purchase and a speedy turnaround installation. While the D25 comes ready to order, there are elements for personalization—it features a Condor 1010E faucet, which may be substituted if you have a preferred brand or model.

Providing a Sustainable Option

Beyond aesthetics and performance, architects want to know that their product choices are sustainable. Excel Dryer has been committed to being transparent about the complete environmental impacts of our products since before it was a popular concept, as we have strived to always be on the cutting edge of green technology. We were the first hand dryer manufacturer to become a member of the USGBC and to perform a Life Cycle Assessment on our products, and we initiated and were selected to chair the creation of the first Global Product Category Rules (PCR) by UL Environment.

Additionally, our electric hand dryers are the first to have published performance testing per industry consensus PCR guidelines and, most recently, we have solidified our place atop the industry with the publication of the first Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by UL Environment. We help facilities qualify for several LEED® v4 Credits and Green Globes to satisfy corporate and government sustainability goals, an important critical consideration in any architectural project.

How Can We Help You?

To all the architects out there, happy World Architecture Day! If you haven’t yet discovered the limitless ways our hand dryers can help elevate any commercial restroom, make sure you visit our website. You can contact us today to learn more about our products and the benefits they can offer for your next design.