How To Replace Your Hand Dryer Sensor & Adjust Its Range

How To Troubleshoot A Problem With A Hand Dryer

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions carefully and successfully replace the sensor in your XLERATOR hand dryer and adjust the sensor range.

Step One: Disconnect the power supply to the dryer, usually located in your electrical panel box, and remove your cover. 

Step Two: Confirm power is disconnected by checking if there is any voltage at the terminal block.

Before removing the optic from the bracket, note the position. 

Step Three: Remove the two screws holding the optic bracket to the housing. For better accessibility to the sensor connector, loosen but do not remove the two screws that hold the control to the bracket. 

Step Four: Slide the bracket up and forward. 

Step Five: Remove the sensor connector.

Step Six: Pinch the wire harness connected to the control and remove it. 

Step Seven:  Remove two screws holding the optic to the bracket. Be sure to save the screws.

Step Eight: Position the new optic onto the bracket with the screws previously removed.

Step Nine: Install screws into the sensor side first.

Step Ten: Reconnect the optic sensor connector to the control. Then slide the control back onto the housing and tighten both screws.

Step Eleven: Reconnect wire harness connector to control.

Step Twelve: Install new optic bracket onto housing using two screws previously removed.

Step Thirteen: Reinstall the cover, being careful to align the new optic lens to the opening in the cover.

Step Fourteen: Restore power to the dryer and test for proper operation. 

If you have any questions, please call the customer service department at Excel dryer at: (800) 255-9235.

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