Hand Dryer Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Restroom Hand Dryers

You’ve designed your restroom, validated its layout and location, and touched it up with colors and materials that will tie everything together. The last step: the furnishings. Should you go with a hands-free faucet? A brushed-nickel door handle? What hand dryer technology does my restroom need to function seamlessly?

We’ve broken down the five things to consider when selecting a hand dryer in this Hand Dryer Buying Guide. These five questions will help ensure the hand dryer you select has the look, features, and capacity necessary to complement your restroom and keep guests happy.

#1: How many people will your restroom see on a daily basis?

This answer will inform much of your hand dryer selection process. Especially if you’re designing a very high-traffic restroom, such as one in a transportation center or in a stadium, you’ll need to look for hand dryers with incredibly efficient and fast drying times. If the restroom will be less trafficked, going with a sleeker hand dryer that takes a few seconds more to dry hands may be appropriate.

#2: What types of visitors will be in your restroom and what are their needs?

Think for a moment about the type of business the restroom will be in. In a bowling alley or loud restaurant, anything goes, but in a healthcare setting or hospital, loud dryers may be problematic and hygiene becomes incredibly important. Seek out a hand dryer with adjustable speed and sound, placing full control with the staff to control the dryer’s output. Eliminate hygiene concerns with placards sharing correct handwashing techniques and provide extra peace of mind with a HEPA Air Filtration System or Antimicrobial Wall Guard. And most importantly, consider an ADA compliant hand dryer or ADA compliant recess kit so that your restroom complies with ADA guidelines.

#3 How important is sustainability?

Modern hand dryers have come a long way toward becoming a low-carbon-footprint product. In fact, investing in a hand dryer saves more environmental resources in the long term than using paper towels. Hand dryers that earn LEED credits such as the XLERATOR (earning the most LEED credit of any hand dryer) should also be considered for sustainability. You may also want to give thought to any green building certifications you or the owner of the business may want to pursue. In some cases, you’ll need appliances and furnishings that meet certain criteria to apply for these certifications. 

#4 What “look” are you going for?

The hand dryer is a focal point when walking into a restroom, so it’s unwise to think all dryers are created equal. Look for manufacturers that also offer custom covers, which give the flexibility of being used for bonus branding (with a logo or slogan) or to enhance design elements. If you’re retrofitting an existing restroom, an XChanger® Combo Kit can help turn old paper towel receptacles into housing for a hand dryer

#5 What type of company do you want to work with?

Seek out a company with reputable products and that does business in a positive way. Look for product seals like Made in the USA Certified®, EPD-certified, or one with an industry-leading warranty. You want a manufacturer that will stand behind its products from start to finish to ensure you’re protected from any surprises.

Selecting the best hand dryer for your restroom can feel challenging. Using the above Hand Dryer Buying Guide, take some time to really consider who will use the restroom you’re designing, the type of facility it will exist in, what features and customizations you’ll need, and the type of manufacturer you want to work with, and you’ll be on track to find your perfect fit.