Dining in Confidence: How to Improve Restaurant Hygiene

Imagine that you walked into a restaurant and were greeted by sticky menus, messy restrooms and dirty tables. Would you feel confident that your food is safe to eat? That’s why it’s so important for food and restaurant businesses to take hygiene seriously and keep customers coming back for more. In this blog, we’re looking at how to improve restaurant hygiene in a pandemic-conscious world and how Excel Dryer’s touchless, sensor-activated hand dryers can help achieve this goal.

hands under a touchless sink systemHygiene Trends

With the pandemic making people more aware of sanitation (or the lack thereof) than ever before, it’s important for business owners to adapt to the times to stay profitable. 

In late 2021, Oracle’s GloriaFood blog posted an article highlighting the top restaurant marketing trends of 2022—part of which focused on some of the most important hygiene trends in the industry. The first trend they highlighted is how restaurants are “embracing all expressions of cleanliness” by leveraging new cleaning techniques, such as ultraviolet sterilization, to create a pristine space that customers will appreciate.

The article also mentions the hygiene benefits of automation in a restaurant, citing online ordering, wireless payments and electronic menus as examples of popular contactless restaurant procedures that minimize the risk of spreading illness. The article notes that adopting these hygiene trends gives restaurant owners a great opportunity to market themselves to the community as a business that truly cares about the safety of their guests.

It All Starts in the Restroom

If you’re wondering how you can quickly and easily implement this hygiene advice in your restaurant, look no further than Excel Dryer’s line of touchless hand dryers. By installing XLERATOR® Hand Dryers in your eatery’s restrooms, you are truly “embracing all expressions of cleanliness” through innovative technology.

Traditional paper towels are often the source of massive messes in the restroom as they can end up on the floor, in toilets and on countertops—creating a hygiene nightmare. With XLERATOR Hand Dryers, paper towels can be eliminated, saving restaurants money while also helping to foster a clean space. Excel Dryer’s products equipped with HEPA filters offer an extra level of cleanliness by being proven to remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. Not to mention, XLERATORs are motion-activated and completely touchless—automatically turning on once hands are underneath them.

XLERATOR Hand Dryers have already made an impact in improving the cleanliness of some restaurants. Take Max Burger for example—XLERATOR Hand Dryers help keep its restrooms hygienic, giving customers greater confidence that they are eating in a clean environment.

The Bean Restaurant Group has created more hygienic restroom spaces by installing the D|13 Sink System in two of its most popular eateries. The D|13 seamlessly combines a faucet, soap dispenser and an XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer within each basin to create the most advanced integrated sink system on the market. Designed in collaboration with Excel Dryer and a world-renowned design firm, the XLERATORsync’s “reverse airflow” design blows air and water flow away from the user, promoting hygiene and enhancing the user experience. Hygienic XLERATOR Hand Dryers can also be found in many of the group’s other restaurants. 

To learn more about how you can improve your restaurant’s hygiene with XLERATOR Hand Dryers, reach out to us today.