Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

All across the United States, National Manufacturing Day is celebrated on the first Friday in October with the goal of inspiring our next generation of manufacturers. As a company that prides itself on a rich history of American manufacturing, we know the importance of investing in domestic workers and creating quality, proven products, such as our XLERATOR® Hand Dryers.

To celebrate this observance, we’re detailing the ways we have led the fight for American workers as well as how we’ve ensured our products and others stand up to strict manufacturing quality standards.

Made in USA Certified®

You can’t celebrate and inspire the American workforce if you don’t use American workers. Some companies try to market their products as made in the USA while still sourcing some parts from overseas.

If you want to be confident the product you are buying is American made, put your trust in Excel Dryer. Why? For a product to become Made in USA Certified, it must meet specific criteria and prove to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) exactly where the labor, parts, and assembly take place.

We proudly source and manufacture as many parts as possible in or around East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, which is why we are the only hand dryer manufacturer in the industry to receive the certification.

Creation of the Global Product Category Rule

Beyond this certification, we have also created rules to ensure a higher manufacturing standard. The hand dryer industry is currently flooded with knockoff products and other manufacturers making unsupported claims.

To help solve the issue, we initiated the first-ever global Product Category Rule (PCR) for the hand dryer industry. The PCR, published by UL Environment, is a set of requirements and guidelines following internationally established standards that make it easier to consistently evaluate products’ environmental impacts.

We were the first to publish our PCR test results: the touchless, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR Hand Dryer recorded an 8 second* dry time and 3.7 Wh* of energy per use and the XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer recorded 10 seconds* and 1.7 Wh*, respectively.

Quality and Reliability

We are a local manufacturer that believe strongly in product testing and transparent information-sharing—when you buy from Excel Dryer, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the American-made product quality and reliability we’ve long been known for. If you would like to contact us, we welcome questions about our manufacturing process and product testing methods.

*Dry time and energy use testing performed by SGS International on standard XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Hand Dryers with 0.8″ nozzle/standard Thin Air Hand Dryer to 0.25g or less of residual moisture, pursuant to the UL Environment Global Product Category Rules (PCR) for Hand Dryers.