America’s Oldest Tavern Fuses Historic Boston
Pub Style with an Environmentally Friendly Twist

The oldest and longest-operating tavern in the USA installs the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer in their newly updated facilities.

The hand dryer was added in 2003 to the four bathrooms in the pub: a ‘no touch’ automatic hand dryer called the XLERATOR® that dries hands in less than 10 seconds*

Brian Fitzgerald, who has been a patron of the Bell-in-Hand for seven years, acknowledges that lines to the restroom can be long, especially on busy nights. However, the XLERATOR has alleviated much of the wait. “The XLERATOR is great,” he says. “Your hands are clean and dry in about 10 seconds and you can get out of the bathroom quickly, making the wait outside that much shorter.”

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