The Architecture 2030 Challenge

Sustainable Hand Drying Solution

We are proud to announce that we have committed as an adopter and supporter of the Architecture 2030 Challenge. Our ultimate goal is to design and ensure that all of our clients’ projects meet and exceed the 2030 Challenge targets utilizing the Excel Dryer product line. The Life Cycle Assessment of the XLERATOR confirmed that when compared to traditional hand dryers and recycled paper towels, it reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-70%.

Currently, buildings are the largest source of materials and energy that produce by-product greenhouse gases or GHG. Architecture 2030 issued the 2030 Challenge for Products with the intent to slow the growth rate of GHG emissions and reversing it in order to address global climate change.

We have made the commitment to supply products for new building, development, and renovation products that are specified to meet a maximum carbon-equivalent footprint of 30% below the product category average beginning this year. By the year 2030, the embodied carbon-equivalent footprint reduction will be increased to 50%.

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