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Drying hands the hygienic way

Proper Hand Hygiene Unlocks the Key to Germ Control

Introduction Reports related to COVID-19 have been dominating the news since early 2020. Perhaps now more than ever, we stand together in support of a cause that impacts us all: the protection of public health and wellness. ​​Helping create healthier environments has always been a critical piece of Excel Dryer’s mission. It’s something the original, […]

How to remove the XLERATOR Hand Dryer Cover by Excel Dryer

How to Remove the XLERATOR Hand Dryer Cover

How to remove the cover from your XLERATOR hand dryer.  Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on carefully and successfully removing the XLERATOR hand dryer cover. You will be using the provided tamper-proof wrench. The wrench comes with the hand dryer, if you have misplaced your wrench, you can receive one by sending an email to […]

How To Adjust Motor Speed, Sound, Heat & Sensor Range

How To Adjust Motor Speed, Sound, Heat & Sensor Range

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to carefully and successfully adjust motor speed, sound, heat & sensor range. In response to customers’ requests for control over the air velocity, temperature, and sound, we added controls in the hand dryer. There are three knobs on the control assembly in the unit that allow for adjustments to the […]

First Global PCR

UL Environment Advances Hand Dryer Industry by Publishing First Global Product Category Rule (PCR)

The First Sustainable Hand Dryers By: Anna Nicholson Lasso, product manager of Environmental Product Declarations at UL Environment As a Product Manager for UL Environment (a division of Underwriters’ Laboratories) specializing in Environmental Product Declarations, I am devoted to the advancement of sustainability. And as the green movement becomes more of a norm and less […]