How To Install a 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to carefully and successfully install a 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle. A Phillips head screwdriver and a wrench are needed for the installation. 

Step One: Disconnect the power supply to the dryer, usually located in your electrical panel box.

Step Two: Remove your cover. 

Step Three: Confirm the power is disconnected by checking if there is any voltage at the terminal block.

Step Four: Remove the 3 screws holding the nozzle in place. A Phillips head screwdriver is needed.

Step Five: Install the new nozzle with the same screws previously removed. 

Step Six: Put the cover back in place and tighten the tamper-proof bolts with a wrench. 

Step Seven: Restore the power. 

Now you have successfully installed a 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle. 

If you find the air deflection sound is still too high, you can always remove the cover and adjust the speed of the motor via the control assembly. If you have any questions, please call the customer service department at Excel dryer at: (800) 255-9235.

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