Bathroom Hand Dryer Brings a Sign of Relief

Hygienic Hand Dryer Installation in Restroom

We have all been there. You are far from home, and you need to use the bathroom. Let’s be honest; when given the choice between using the bathroom at home or away most would like home court advantage. At home you know it’s clean, (or not), and its visitors allowing you to play germ police when needed.

Now back to the public bathroom tango. You know the dance, the one where you try to use a public bathroom while touching as little as possible? This dance of avoidance is easier to do alone than with young children. A visitor always knows when young children are in public bathrooms when they hear the chorus of parents yelling “Stand still! Don’t touch anything!” from the stalls.

XLERATOR Hand Dryer Installed at Grand Central StationWell, parents of young children and germophobes alike rejoice because Excel electric hand dryers have come to your rescue! Excel Dryer, the manufacturer of the high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® hand dryer, provides the hygienic hand drying solution.

We are so lucky to live in a time when all that is needed to dry our hands is to turn around and place them under a machine that will do it in seconds. The XLERATOR® hand dryer uses 80% less energy and takes 10-15 seconds when compared to conventional dryers that spend up to 30-45 seconds. Cranking the dirty handle on a paper towel dispenser? No thank you; I just washed my hands. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? There is really no thought when seeing paper towels vx. hand dryers, the no-touch XLERATOR® hand dryer works quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, is the hygienic choice.

So when put side by side, which is better; the XLERATOR® hand dryer or paper towels? There is no argument about cost; the American-made XLERATOR® wins hands down with a 95% cost savings compared to paper towels. What about germs, which is better the choice?

Funny you should ask because we did too. There is a lot of misinformation circulating about the most hygienic way to dry hands in a public restroom. Turn to the pros for answers, to give an unbiased opinion based on scientific studies. The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit, worldwide leader in medical care, research and education performed a study that concluded: “there are no differences in the efficiencies of removing bacteria from washed hands when hands are dried using paper towels, cloth towels, warm forced air, or spontaneous evaporation.”

Germ Alert! Think twice before you reach to grab those brown recycled paper towels! A recent study by the American Journal of Infection Control recently did a study and found that bacterial contamination in the pulp and paper industry is a big concern. The AJIC tested 6 different paper towel brands during their investigation and found that it’s possible airborne and direct contact transmissions of these bacterial contaminants are present during hand drying, even after washing. Believe it or not, recycled paper towels held more bacteria than the virgin wood pulp brand. This study brought the American Journal of Infection Control to the conclusion that bacteria may be transferred to people even after handwashing from isolated unused paper towels so be careful the next time you go to reach for that brown recycled paper towel it’s not the best bathroom dance partner!

Choose A Bathroom Hand Dryer

Aren’t we lucky? The answer is clear. The environmentally friendly Excel hand dryers get the job done while saving energy, waste, money, and time. You will now breathe a sigh of relief next time you enter a public bathroom and see an Excel hand dryer on the wall. You can rest assured that you have a partner in your dance of avoidance to help you quickly and efficiently stay germ-free.