Excel Dryer Challenges Schools to “Get Caught Green Handed” for the 2014 Green Apple Day of Service

XLERATOR® Hand Dryer for Schools

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Boston Public Schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and UMass Amherst for this year’s Green Apple Day of Service. The annual event took place on Saturday, September 27th., 2014

Excel Dryer is proud to be an original Seed Sponsor of the Green Apple program since its inception. The initiative is a product of our partnership with Green Apple and the Center for Green Schools at USGBC, with the goal of creating clean and safe learning environments for students. UMass Celebrates Green Day with Hand Dryers

We’ve challenged the administrators at these schools to “Get Caught Green Handed” by installing energy-efficient, high-speed XLERATOR hand dryers with custom Green Apple Covers to reduce the schools’ carbon footprint. Installing XLERATOR® or the new XLERATOReco® can have a major impact on these schools, with cost savings of 95% versus paper towels, as well as reducing overall waste and the need for facility maintenance.

Hand Drying Solutions for Schools

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This Green Apple Day of Service initiative is aimed to help teach students about the value of our environment and to calculate how their own carbon footprint can have an effect on it. This will have an extensive impact on the students at all of the schools!LA Schools Install Hand Dryer for Green Day

In addition, the school districts participating in this challenge will be benefitting other schools across the country by choosing to install Green Apple XLERATOR® hand dryers. A portion of the sale of each of these special hand dryers will help fund the programs led by the Center for Green Schools.

Let’s work together to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for our children. “Get Caught Green Handed” with the XLERATOR® and the XLERATOReco®, the greenest hand dryers on the planet! Register your project for the Green Apple Day of Service today and pledge to install XLERATOR hand dryers or XLERATOReco hand dryers at local schools because where we learn matters.