Clean and Contactless: The New Era of Grocery Store Hygiene

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, nonessential businesses across the United States locked their doors as officials learned more about the disease and how it spreads. A few industries, however, have been open and running through it all—such as grocery stores in local neighborhoods. Thrust into the fire, this industry found itself on the cutting edge of hygiene and cleanliness protocols as stores quickly adapted to keep customers safe. About two years later, many of these procedures are still commonplace—but where do we go from here? In this blog, we’re evaluating what the new era of grocery store hygiene looks like for business owners, and how Excel Dryer can help your shop stay clean.  

Grocery Store Clerk Cashes Customer OutProviding Quality Customer Experiences

Walk into your local grocery store and you might be greeted with touchless hand sanitizer machines, cleaning wipes for your shopping cart and signs explaining the efforts made to provide a sanitary environment. These measures show that store cleanliness is being taken seriously—but are they here to stay?

In August 2020, management consulting business McKinsey & Company released research about consumer shopping trends and behavior in a world with COVID. Unsurprisingly, the research found that consumers were changing how they shop due to hygiene concerns—with more people using self-checkout stations and grocery delivery to minimize contact.

Wall of Produce inside of a grocery storeWith these behavior changes in mind, it makes a lot of sense that businesses such as grocery stores have continued to stay the course when it comes to putting hygiene front and center. In fact, this McKinsey study was featured in a Food Industry Executive article from late December 2021 about the four trends grocery stores should look out for in 2022. Written by a representative of CMX, a supply chain software provider, the article stated that a continued focus on cleanliness and hygiene will be central to the industry this year.

Such a renewed spotlight on cleanliness from consumers and governments alike served as the catalyst for grocery stores to implement new procedures, according to the article. The article also notes that changes such as “rigorous contactless standard operating procedures” will continue to stay mainstream in the supermarket industry. Since these changes aren’t going anywhere, how can businesses stay ahead of the curve?

Keep It Clean with Excel

In this new era, grocery store hygiene doesn’t stop at wiping down shelves and checkout areas; it also extends to the bathroom. Did you know that 95% of consumers will avoid an establishment in the future if they find the restroom to be dirty, and that in our COVID-19 world, 60% of people say their preference for touchless, hygienic fixtures in restrooms has risen?

All our hand dryers feature contactless activation and help to eliminate unnecessary paper towel waste. For one Buffalo Wild Wings franchise owner, our XLERATOR® Hand Dryers helped keep her restaurant’s bathrooms free from messy paper towels and her guests satisfied that they were eating in a hygienic space. While this example is a restaurant, grocery stores can make changes like this in their restrooms to further show customers that they are focused on hygiene.

Are you a grocery store owner who is committed to cleanliness? Are you looking to make hygienic advances in the way your facility’s restrooms operate? Reach out to us today online to learn more about how we can help you impress your customers—and keep them coming back.