Green CE Hosts: Designing Touchless Solutions For Proper Hand Hygiene in Commercial Restrooms

How can commercial restroom design reduce touchpoints, promote proper hand hygiene, and reduce the spread of infection?

This course explores this timely question. Attendees will first hear an overview of hygienic restroom design, learning about key elements, such as reducing touching points, improving air quality, and optimizing waste management. Next, the course explores proper hand hygiene techniques, something 97% of consumers fail to do before a meal. Next, the course details the relationship between hand dryers and hand hygiene, including the history of hand dryers, factors to consider when selecting them, and how they compare to paper towels in terms of hand hygiene. Attendees then learn the basics of sustainability considerations, including the results of EPDs and LCAs. The course wraps up with a sneak peek into the future of commercial restroom design, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting focus on reducing the spread of infection.


  • Identify how to design a touchless, hygienic restroom environment that supports health and wellbeing
  • Define proper hand hygiene techniques and the role it plays in commercial restroom design
  • Detail how including hand dryers in your commercial restroom design can mitigate the spread of germs improving workplace health and safety, and
  • Recognize key sustainability attributes of hand dryers, and the future evolution of commercial restroom design
Event Information
Hand Dryers and Hand Hygiene
Paul Marquez
Speaker: Paul Marquez