For a Restroom that Well Represents, Make XLERATOR® Part of the Architecture

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Hand Dryers, Part of the Architecture

Tucked away in a corner or looming at the end of a hidden hallway, a facility’s restrooms may carry an illusion of disassociation. Necessary to keep presentable, management might reason, but not who we are.

To which architects and designers everywhere might collectively react with a single utterance: uh-oh.

Regardless of their external visibility, restrooms are a microcosm of the facility that houses them. The best ones seamlessly represent the style, feel, theme, identity and even the values of the establishment itself. The commercial restroom is—look out—flush with opportunities to customize and impress, and Excel Dryer has the ideal solutions for seizing them.

We like what you see

Architects and designers are, in essence, visionaries. Their ultimate success depends on products that will support and fuel their passion for possibilities. What makes Excel Dryer and our Expanded and Enhanced line of high-efficiency hand dryers consistently right for the role? Well, for starters:

We’re green.

Hand-drying technology doesn’t get any eco-friendlier than our original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR®, the first hand dryer to be BuildingGreen® Approved.

In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the organization behind LEED® certification, itself chose XLERATOR for the restrooms at its Washington, DC, headquarters.

“Restroom fixture technology has evolved significantly in the last ten years,” said Ken Wilson, principal at Envision Design, the architecture firm that led the USGBC’s recent redesign project. “XLERATOR continues to be the (USGBC’s) specified hand dryer of choice because it meets the aggressive energy and waste reduction objectives for designing state-of-the-art green restrooms.”

We’re every other color, too.

With XLERATOR, a facility can go sustainably green while embracing petal pink—or whatever its signature hue may be. “Our customers, particularly architects and interior designers, have asked for customized finishes for our popular XLERATOR hand dryers, and we’ve delivered,” said William Gagnon, Excel Dryer’s vice president of marketing and sales. “Customized covers allow for continuity in restroom design.”

Through specified colors, patterns, visuals, logos and even printed messaging, Excel Dryer’s custom digital imaging technology gives businesses a unique opportunity: to convey all that they are on the surface of a single energy-efficient appliance. For a subtler thematic accent, covers are available in a range of durable materials, from sleek traditional white to textured graphite.

Our commitment to customization runs deep.

Covers are only the start. Because what’s on the inside matters, all of our dryers now come with features that allow for choice and versatility in performance. These include:

  • Adjustable speed and sound
  • Adjustable heat settings – high, medium, low and off
  • An externally visible service LED – for streamlining maintenance
  • Multi-voltage options – 110V-120V or 208V-277V in 50 or 60 hertz

We speak the language of luxury.  

When Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, embarked on a large-scale plan for environmentally friendly modernization, they sought products that were high-performing, sustainable and aesthetically suited for a site of legendary grandeur. In the restroom realm, one solution proved the perfect fit. “XLERATOR goes with the look and style of our luxury design,” said Colleen Sweitzer, marketing manager and member of the Sustainability Team at Fairmont Chicago. “It flows; it’s natural. It doesn’t appear to be just thrown on the wall.”

Elevating high-end lavatories to unprecedented heights, Excel Dryer and D13 Group have recently introduced the XLERATOR Integrated Sink System, which brings together three no-touch fixtures for the ultimate in hand-hygiene convenience. If you’ll be attending any of the upcoming shows listed below, come find us; we cordially invite you to experience the future of commercial restrooms for yourself. You can also find specification information and installation images for our high-efficiency hand dryers on the architecture and design page of our website.

Discover the limitless ways the finest American-made hand dryers can help any commercial restroom reflect its establishment with pride. Envision Design’s Ken Wilson did—and summarized his discovery simply. “In architecture, performance and design are inextricably linked,” he said. “XLERATOR delivers both.”

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