How To Replace The XLERATOR Subassembly 

How To Replace The XLERATOR Subassembly

How To Replace The XLERATOR Subassembly

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to carefully and successfully replace the XLERATOR subassembly. 

Step One: Disconnect the power supply to the dryer usually located in your electrical panel box, and remove your cover.

Step Two: Confirm power is disconnected by checking if there is any voltage at the terminal block. We recommend taking a phone picture to record how wires are attached. 

Step Three: Disconnect the green ground wire and wire supplying power to the dryer from “N” and “L” on the terminal block.

Step Four: Leave other wires connected to the terminal block.

Step Five: Remove bolts holding the wall plate to the wall. 

Step Six: Install new subassembly with wall plate using the same mounting bolts and location, if available.

Step Seven: Reconnect power supply as they were when originally disconnected or refer to the wiring schematic inside the cover or supplied with subassembly.

If you have any questions, please call the customer service department at Excel dryer at: (800) 255-9235,

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