How to Adjust the Motor’s Speed, Sound, and Heat Sensor Range on a ThinAir 

How to Adjust the Motor’s Speed, Sound, and Heat Sensor Range on a ThinAir

How to Adjust the Motor's Speed, Sound, and Heat Sensor Range on a ThinAir

Have you ever visited a public restroom and found the hand dryer too loud or too hot? As technology advances, hand dryers now come with a set of controls that allow you to adjust motor speed, sound, heat, and sensor range. In this post, we will guide you through the steps to make these adjustments, including the proper way to remove and replace the cover. With this information, you can customize your hand dryer experience and enjoy a more comfortable drying process.

To begin, locate the control board on the bottom of the hand dryer. You will find three knobs marked M for motor, R for range, and H for heat. Turning the M knob counterclockwise will decrease the motor speed and reduce the air velocity, resulting in a quieter experience. If you find the hand dryer’s false triggering, turn the knob marked R counterclockwise to decrease the sensor range. This adjustment is beneficial when an obstruction such as a countertop or trash basket is located underneath the hand dryer.

However, sometimes the hot air may be too intense. In that case, turn the knob marked H counterclockwise to reduce or turn off the heat. This feature can be especially handy during the hot summer months when you don’t want hot air blowing on your hands. It’s important to note that the hand dryer may take longer to dry your hands when you turn down the motor speed or heat, but the quieter and cooler experience may be worth the wait.

When you’re done adjusting the hand dryer’s features, replace and fasten the cover in place with the tamper-proof wrench. This will protect the internal components of the dryer. Make sure the cover is properly secured and in place before using the hand dryer again. After these changes, you can enjoy a customized hand drying experience.

If you’re seeing a tamper-proof bolt on the bottom of the hand dryer, remove it gently and lift the cover upwards towards you. The control board you need to access is located on the bottom of the dryer, and the knobs will be to your right. These new features in hand dryers allow for a better experience without the hassle of paper towels or loud, hot air.

These controls make the hand drying experience more user-friendly and customizable. With this guide, we hope you’ve learned how to adjust the features of your hand dryer and achieve the experience that suits your preferences.