Excel Hand Dryers

Excel's line of dryer products are available in three categories:

XLERATOR® Original. Patented. Still The Best.
EThe XLERATOR is the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer. Facilities around the world use XLERATOR to save time, money and the environment while creating a cleaner, more hygienic restroom.

XLERATOR Is The New Industry Standard Hand Dryer.Xlerator Hand Dryer in Stainless Steel
  • 10-15 Second Dry Time*
  • 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers
  • 95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • GREENSPEC® Listed and Helps Qualify for several LEED® credits
  • A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution
  • Over a Decade of Proven Performance

Each traditional Cast Cover Series hand dryer is constructed with a one-piece heavy-duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy cover. The following styles are available:

Cast Cover Series Push Button Hand Dryers

HANDS ON® Push Button Activated Hand Dryers and Hair Dryers
Excel's Hands On hand dryers boast a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. The Hands On hand dryer series offers a choice of surface or recessed wall mounting. Hands On hand dryers are engineered to provide twice the service-free life of other hand dryers, and are backed by a Ten Year Unlimited Warranty, including damage due to accidents, misuse or vandalism. All HANDS ON® series models can be specified as hair dryers.

Cast Cover Series Automatic Hand Dryers

HANDS OFF® Automatic Sensor Activated Hand Dryers
Excel's Hands Off hand dryers provide exceptionally quiet operation with maximum strength and durability. Performance is backed by a Ten Year Limited Warranty on the hand dryers (three years on control assembly and sensor).

Lexan Series Push Button Hand Dryers

LEXAN® Series
Excel's reputation of providing products with superior performance combines with the economic benefit of this hand dryer series for maximum value. Lexan Series surface-mounted hand dryers are constructed with a one-piece molded Lexan cover. Lexan hand dryers are available in push button or fully automatic models.

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