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A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution

Excel Dryer, manufacturer of the original, patented, high speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® hand dryer, is committed to providing the most hygienic hand drying solutions. While the cost-savings and environmental benefits of high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are clear, there are many misconceptions about the hygienic efficacy of different hand drying methods. It is important that distributors and end-users are comfortable and assured that Excel Dryer hand dryers are both reliable and hygienic. This page has been created to host educational materials regarding hand hygiene as it relates to hand dryers, including scientific studies, case studies, articles and other resources about proper hand hygiene.

Excel Dryer acknowledges that many studies have also been produced, mostly funded by the paper towel industry, in support of paper towels. However, there are several independent third-party studies that debunk the myth of paper towels being more hygienic than hand dryers.


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