Case Study: Crow's Nest Restaurant

Environmentally-friendly Restrooms Can Help Restaurants Save Time and Money

New Product Helps Keep Restrooms Clean and Customers Happy

Located on the beach of Santa Cruz Harbor, The Crow's Nest Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California sports some of the most spectacular views of Monterey Bay. In addition to its great location and popular menu, this 11,000 sq. ft. restaurant is also a hot spot for nightly entertainment. This busy restaurant and nightclub does over 6.5 million dollars in business annually and serves customers from around the world.

"With the high volume of customers we serve, our restrooms take a lot of abuse," says Mike McClellan, partner, The Crow's Nest Restaurant. "When designing our restrooms, we wanted ensure our patrons had a clean, well-maintained facility to use, and we also wanted to cut down on the maintenance costs associated with blocked toilets and extra clean-up time."

After installing water-free urinals and other 'green products' in the restrooms, McClellan decided to add high velocity XLERATOR® electric hand dryers as well. "In terms of energy savings, these dryers draw an average of 1500 watts per use, compared to the traditional 2300 watts. Plus, they dry hands three times faster than traditional dryers and shut off two seconds after the hands are removed from the sensor area." This efficiency translated into a significant savings in electricity consumption.

"XLERATOR hand dryers are designed to meet the needs of both customers and restaurant owners," says Denis Gagnon, president, Excel Dryer, Inc. "The running joke with hand dryers is that you use them and still have to wipe your hands on your pants. XLERATOR's ability to dry hands quickly is changing the way people think about hand dryers."

While customers appreciate XLERATOR'S fast results, restaurant managers appreciate the cost savings. According to an independent study, XLERATOR works in one-third the time and uses 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers. It also delivers a 90% cost savings when compared to paper towels. While creating an environmentally friendly restroom wasn't McClellan's foremost thought, he says that his choice of 'green products' delivers great results and saves money by using less energy and water than their traditional counterparts.

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