Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryers ‘Make The Grade’ For Uşak Kanyon College School System

High Energy Consumption, Paper Towel Waste and Expenses

XLERATOR Hand Dryers

97% Cost Savings, Reduced Carbon Footprint, Reduced Energy Cost and Created Awareness For Students


“ The addition of Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryers is saving us time and money while also reducing our carbon footprint, which is a great lesson for our students.”


In response to its growing population and increased demand for energy, the Republic of Turkey has implemented a national renewable energy strategy. Outlined by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the republic has made a commitment to reducing energy consumption 20 percent by the year 2023 and creating public awareness of climate change and environmentally friendly energy technologies. Of particular interest and focus is the reduction of energy and waste from public buildings and more specifically, schools and academic facilities.

When the Uşak Kanyon College school system audited its facilities, it was decided that paper towels would be replaced with a more sustainable option — high-efficiency hand dryers. After a worldwide search for the perfect hand drying solution was conducted, Excel Dryer’s high-speed, energy-efficient Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryers were chosen. Not only did they meet the stringent specifications of the National Energy Efficiency Plan, a significant cost-savings was realized by the school system.

XLERATOR Hand Dryers use 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers and can reduce the Climate Changing Score (Carbon Footprint) of hand drying by 50-75 percent when compared to traditional electric hand dryers and paper towels (virgin and 100% recycled content.) And, unlike conventional hand dryers which average 30 to 45 seconds of drying time, the XLERATOR dries hands three times faster (in 8 seconds*) and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers.

Excel Dryer has partnered with the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) through their Green Apple initiative to help create high-performing schools that save money and provide safer learning environments for children. Excel Dryer has provided more than just an opportunity for schools to embrace sustainable facility maintenance solutions; custom covered Green Apple XLERATOR Hand Dryers are available for any facility to purchase. A portion of all Green Apple XLERATOR proceeds go back to the global, Green Apple initiative. The Center for Green Schools’ mission to put every student in a green school within this generation resonates with schools around the world, including the Usak Kanyon College school system.

As part of the USGBC’s Global Coalition for Green Schools, the Usak Kanyon College School system, like other partner institutions, is dedicated to three pillars of knowledge, imparting the principles of each to students within their respective districts: environmental impact, human health and eco-literacy. This shared goal unites education, health and environmental communities in a global movement promoting green schools and more importantly, perpetuates sustainability efforts in future generations.

“Excel Dryer is pleased to join forces with the Usak Kanyon College school system. Together, we will reduce energy consumption and educate students on the importance of sustainability,” said Excel Dryer Vice President – International, Denis Gagnon, Jr. “We have always prided ourselves on being an innovator and industry leader. We are honored that our family-owned, American company can impact change on a global scale. In the immediate future, the Turkish schools will realize a reduction in energy, maintenance and associated costs but the greater impact will be realized in the future when the students become champions for sustainability to future generations, building upon the foundation and knowledge we’ve imparted.”

“The addition of XLERATOR Hand Dryers is saving us time and money while also reducing our carbon footprint, which is a great lesson for our students,” said Tugba Süren Adatepe, headmaster of the primary school. “We pride ourselves on offering our students access to world-class teachers, educational facilities and ground-breaking educational techniques. The XLERATOR Hand Dryers fit into our overall plan and are groundbreaking in their own right.”

A 97% cost savings was realized after removing paper towels and installing XLERATOR Hand Dryers throughout Turkey’s Usak Kanyon College school system.

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