Important Information Regarding Your XLERATOR® Hand Dryers

Our records indicate that the warranty for the XLERATOR Hand Dryer(s) that you purchased from Newton Distributing has expired. It’s time to replace the sub-assembly.

For a limited time, Excel Dryer and Newton Distributing are offering a program that allows you to swap out the internal components in your existing units — without having to purchase any new hand dryers, which can range from $620 – $920.

replace everything but your xlerator cover for $230

This limited-time sub-assembly replacement program costs $230 and provides:

  • All new motor, heater, filter and nozzle
  • The latest technology and enhancements
    • Enhanced filtration
    • Adjustable speed, sound and heat controls
    • Adjustable sensors
    • Externally visible service LED light
  • Another 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Big savings over the cost of replacing hand dryers

New options and accessories available, including HEPA filtration and anti-microbial wall guards (at an additional cost)


excel dryer wall guards excel dryer HEPA filter


If you would like to purchase a new hand dryer, Newton is offering a factory-subsidized offer of 50% off the list price.

XL-BW Xlerator Warranty XL-W Xlerator Warranty XL-GR Xlerator Warranty XL-SP Xlerator Warranty XL-SI Xlerator Warranty XL-SI-SO Xlerator Warranty XL-C Xlerator Warranty XL-SB Xlerator Warranty XL-SB-SI Xlerator Warranty

XL-BW-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-W-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-GR-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-SP-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-SI-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-SI-SO-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-C-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-SB-ECO Xlerator Warranty XL-SB-SI-ECO Xlerator Warranty


How do I find my serial number?

The serial number is on the bottom of the dryer and on a sticker on the inside cover.

What’s included in the sub-assembly?

Sub-assembly kit, wall plate, XLERATOR name badge and Feel the Power sticker.

What are the new enhancements?

Adjustable speed and sound control, adjustable heat settings, multi-voltage options, externally visible service LED, 50% longer motor life.

Where can I get details on the warranty?

Full warranty info can be found here.

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